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Lost Kingdom Miniatures: September Patreon

Im September haben Lost Kingdom Miniatures wieder ein STL-Paket für Patreons zusammengestellt.

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Hello everybody!

Here we bring you the PREVIEW for the month of SEPTEMBER. This month we bring you a new army, the brave and robust Dwarves of Niavellir. A fortress kingdom within the northern mountains, where the most fearsome warriors and the most clever engineers are trained, always ready for war against the hosts of evil.

We are especially proud of these models and have put all our dedication and love into them, so we hope you like them a lot!

September release:

– Magyabor Guard (25x25mm square base, 25mm round base).

– Magyabor Guard CG (25x25mm square base, 25mm round base)

– Thordin, One Eye (25x25mm square base, 25mm round base)

– Nanna, the Runemaster (50×55 rectangular base, 50×55 oval base)

– Bofarr, Bjørn Commander (60×120 rectangular base, 60×120 oval base)

– Bjørn Knights (50×100 rectangular base, 50×100 oval base)

They will be available on September 12-13, WITH and WITHOUT supports 😉

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