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Lost Kingdom Miniatures: July Patreon Preview

Im Juli haben wieder Lost Kingdom Miniatures ein STL-Paket für Patreon-Unterstützer zusammengestellt.

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Hello everybody!

Here we bring you the PREVIEW for the month of JULY.

This month more lost souls join The Undead of Misty Island. A place where those unfortunate enough to perish in its waters find no rest after death. Led by an enclave of Vampires and other beings of the underworld, they ply the seas bringing destruction and seeking new troops to add to their ranks.

We are especially proud of these models and have put all our dedication and love into them, so we hope you like them a lot!

July release:

– Antonette, the Headligh & Trench collector (60×60 square base, 60mm round base)

– Shipwreck screamers (40×40 square base, 40×40 round base)

– Earla, Queen of Shipwrecks (60×60 square base, 60×60 round base)

– Averill & Leonora, the Conjoined Twins (20x20mm square base, 20mm round base)

– Deep Sea Zombies (20x20mm square base, 20mm round base)

– Deep Sea Zombies CG (20x20mm square base, 20mm round base)

They will be available around 11-12 July, WITH and WITHOUT supports 😉

Quelle: Lost Kingdom Miniatures auf Patreon


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  • Hab auch das gefühl, dass so langsam jeder Anbieter 1x das Unterwasser-Thema durch hat. Aber hübsch designed sind die hier schon… 🙂

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