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Lost Hobbyist Miniatures: September Patreon

Im September hat der Lost Hobbyist wieder ein STL.Paket für Patreons zusammengestellt.


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Hi Hobbyists,

Here is the open Post of the September release.

You can build a complete Warband of wild Granny Barbarians…

and you can combine everything with the multipart kits with the „Senior Barbarian Set“ from August.

Also you get the DEATH of Rodents, Football Playing Grannys, Cheerleader Grannys and of course the flying turtle that definetly belongs to this special universe 🙂


The September Release:

• DETAH of rodents

• Granny Barbarians multipart kit

• Parts to build Granny Barbarian Football Players

• Parts to build Granny Barbarian Cheerleaders

• 2 Male Bodeys to build riders out of the Senior Barbarians from the August release

All parts from the multipart kit is compatible with the Senior Barbarian multipart Kit from the August release

• One piece Versions of all Modells from the multipart kit (horses and riders are still seperated)

The one piece Versions are not supported.

• Big Flying Turtle with island on its back (supported and unsupported)


If you have any questions please contact me 🙂

Happy printing,


Quelle: Lost Hobbyist auf Patreon


Brückenkopf-Redakteur und Miniature-Painting-Streamer. Wiedereinstieg ins Hobby 2015 nach sehr langer Pause. Spielt Warhammer 40k, SAGA, Star Wars Legion, Summoners uvm.

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