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Kromlech: Sindari Voidfarers

Die Sindari Voidfarers sind nun bei Kromlech erhältlich.

Kromlech Sindari Shrine Defenders Squad 01 Kromlech Sindari Shrine Defenders Squad 02 Kromlech Sindari Shrine Defenders Squad 03 Kromlech Sindari Shrine Defenders Squad 04 Kromlech Sindari Shrine Defenders Squad 05

Sindari Shrine Defenders Squad (8+1) – 59,49 €

Sindari Shrine Defenders Team (3) – 24,99 €

Shrine Defenders represent noble infantry force of the Sindari. Trained in the art of war from their childhood, they are not only skillful combatants, but also master tacticians. Led by elder veterans, teams of Guardians strike their enemies with surgical precision and prowess.

Kromlech Sindari Grim Harvesters Squad 01 Kromlech Sindari Grim Harvesters Squad 02 Kromlech Sindari Grim Harvesters Squad 03 Kromlech Sindari Grim Harvesters Squad 04 Kromlech Sindari Grim Harvesters Squad 05 Kromlech Sindari Grim Harvesters Squad 06

Sindari Grim Harvesters Squad (9) – 59,49 €

Sindari Grim Harvesters Team (3) – 24,99 €

Grim Harvesters are the elite warriors coven founded among the Sindari. Due to their unmatchable combat experience they were entrusted with powerful heavy launchers. Equipped with such deadly weapons and clad in frightening dark armours, they bring death and destruction to every battlefield they set foot on.

Kromlech Sindari Warsingers Council 01 Kromlech Sindari Warsingers Council 02 Kromlech Sindari Warsingers Council 03 Kromlech Sindari Warsingers Council 04 Kromlech Sindari Warsingers Council 05

Sindari Warsingers Council (9) – 59,49 €

Sindari Warsingers Cabal (3) – 24,99 €

Warsingers are the most respected figures in the Sindari society. Their psychic talents allow them to channel mystic energy the way it helps them in combat. To master those uncanny abilities requires a great deal of willpower and self-discipline as well as decades of learning.

Kromelch Sindari Warsinger 01 Kromelch Sindari Warsinger 02 Kromelch Sindari Warsinger 03

Kromelch Sindari Warsinger 04 Kromelch Sindari Warsinger 05 Kromelch Sindari Warsinger 06

Kromelch Sindari Warsinger 07 Kromelch Sindari Warsinger 08 Kromelch Sindari Warsinger 09

Sindari Warsinger 1 bis 3 – je 9,99 €

Kromlech Sindari Psychic Familiars 01 Kromlech Sindari Psychic Familiars 02 Kromlech Sindari Psychic Familiars 03 Kromlech Sindari Psychic Familiars 04

Sindari Psychic Familiars – 9,99 €

Those feline creatures can be encountered on many Sindari worlds. It is said that they are drawn to the places emanating pure mystical power. Warsingers often capture and train them as familiars to help with channeling and unleashing the energy upon the enemy.

Kromlech Sindari Ruined Statues Heads 01 Kromlech Sindari Ruined Statues Heads 02 Kromlech Sindari Ruined Statues Heads 03 Kromlech Sindari Ruined Statues Heads 04 Kromlech Sindari Ruined Statues Heads 05

Sindari Ruined Statues Heads – 14,99 €

Sindari is the oldest known race. The remnants of the past aeons of its history can be found on numerous worlds across the galaxy – monumental statues of long forgotten heroes and gods carved in ancient stones lay toppled and covered with moss by inevitable passing of time.

Kromlech Sindari Boneship Ruins 01 Kromlech Sindari Boneship Ruins 02 Kromlech Sindari Boneship Ruins 03

Sindari Boneship Ruins – 14,99 €

Sindari build their starships from extremly durable pale-white material. When parts of destroyed machines fall down on the surface of the planet, they can stay there, scattered for millenia, never showing any corrosion or any other signs of weary, resembling bones of some ancient creature.

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  • Offensichtlich sind diese Miniaturen als eine Alternative zu GWs Weltraum-Spitzohren gedacht.

    Für sich genommen mögen die Designs ja noch als ordentlich durchgehen – den Vergleich mit der Vorlage verlieren sie meiner Meinung nach aber deutlich. Selbst die mittlerweile uralten Dire Avengers Minis gefallen mir da besser als Kromlechs Alternative.

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