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Knight Models: Weitere Batman Previews

Knight Models zeigen weitere Bilder zur neuen Batman-Starterbox.

KnightModels Thugs 01 KnightModels Thugs 02

Hello Everyone!
After showing you the new Penguin miniature that will be included in the new Batman miniatures game starter box, today we bring you his Thugs.
Every crime boss surrounds himself with tough guys to watch his back and Penguin is no exception. If you intend to go snooping around the Iceberg Lounge or the 40 Below Club, be sure to call yourself „Vengeance“, or these guys will show you no mercy.
These fantastic miniatures feature new mechanics to help you complete your objective cards faster.
Stay tuned to find out how and discover more from the new starter box on our social networks and the new website:
Become Vengance!

KnightModels Falcone 01

The release day for the new Batman Miniature Game starter box is pretty close.
We want to continue showing some of the impressive miniatures the new box will contain, all them inspired by the new movie The Batman. We already showed the new Falcone render, but today you can see him fully painted at display quality! impressive right?
This new Falcone model not just manipulates his miniatures, also can control the rival’s miniatures „from the shadows“.
After all… this is his city!

KnightModels Twins 01

Greetings Bat-Fans!
We at Knight Models are still excited about the imminent release of the new Batman Miniature Game two-player starter box.
Today we show you two tough guys. They guard the entrance to the Iceberg Club and aren’t very nice, but you need them in your Organized Crime crew if you want to keep your Suspect markers safe.
Stay tuned for upcoming posts and find out more about Batman Miniature Game on our new WEB:

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