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Knight Models: Weitere Batman Previews

Knight Models erklären Catwoman aus der neuen Starterbox für Batman.

Km Catwoman 1KM Catwoman
Today we want to introduce you to another model that will be included in the new starter box for the Batman Miniature Game!
As you already know, this new box is inspired by the smash hit movie, The Batman, and we hope that this model of Catwoman will have you just as excited as when you saw her on the big screen.
Catwoman is not just a pretty face, this version of Selina Kyle is designed to accompany the new Batman, being his eyes and ears whilst undercover, which could give you the edge over your opponent! of course she is no slouch if she gets backed into a corner either..
Km Catwoman 2
„The Bat And The Cat. It’s Got A Nice Ring.“
Here are the game rules for the new Catwoman, included in the upcoming Batman MIniature Game two-player starter box.
She will also get perks if our new Batman (The Batman) is in play. Both will benefit from each other’s presence, as we just saw with the new Bat-Lenses trait.
Even if she has Batman by her side, she doesn’t need him to defend herself! This Catwoman is designed to not be easy to remove from the game. She has a set of traits that make her deadly in melee attacks!

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