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Kings of War: Weitere Riftforged Orks

Die neuen und verbesserten Mantic Orks bekommen Verstärkung.

MG Mantic Riftforged Orc Stormbringer On Manticore 1 MG Mantic Riftforged Orc Stormbringer On Manticore 2

Riftforged Orc Stormbringer on Manticore – 18,00

Riftforged legions are organised into cohorts, each led by a Stormbringer – an orc of exceptional power and cunning, whose exposure to rift-energy has increased their physical strength, while often leaving them hideously scarred. Stormbringers are the foci of the legions – while but one of them draws breath, the power of the storm still rages, energising the horde.


  • 1x Resin Stomrbringer on Manticore
  • 1x MDF Cavalry Base

MG Mantic Riftforged Orc Riftforger 1 MG Mantic Riftforged Orc Riftforger 2

Riftforged Orc Riftforger – 12,50

Riftforgers are silent, sombre. Often the only sound that marks their passing is the repeated monotone clang of metal striking metal as they forge the unseen power that surrounds the legions. Each strike of the hammer empowers the Riftforged with crackling energies, strengthening their forms and striking down their foes.


  • 1x Resin Riftforger
  • 1x 25mm Square Base

MG Mantic Riftforged Helstrikers 1 MG Mantic Riftforged Helstrikers 2 MG Mantic Riftforged Helstrikers 3 MG Mantic Riftforged Helstrikers 4 MG Mantic Riftforged Helstrikers 5

Riftforged Helstrikers – 50,00

The elite warriors of the legion, who have proven themselves many times in battle, are often formed into hard-hitting Helstriker units. Initiation into these savage airborne cavalry units is an ordeal in itself, for the chosen legionary must first select their mount from the legion’s winged manticores. In battle, Helstrikers are tasked with swooping over the enemy ranks, causing as much disruption as possible by tearing apart enemy wizards, artillery teams and commanders, before launching devastating charges into the rear of larger formations, putting even the most powerful foes to flight.


  • 1x Resin Helstriker Regiment
  • 3x MDF 50mm Square Bases

MG Mantic Ambarox 1

Ambarox – 30,00

The Ambarox are a true oddity. No one is certain whether they were created by Garkan at all. Rather, drawn to the lightning upon which they seem to feed, these large, insectoid creatures burrowed out of their subterranean lairs when the Riftforged Orcs emerged from the Abyss. Their bony protrusions are able to channels lightning into their own bodies, causing them to glow and crackle with barely controllable energy, and then discharge it at the foe in powerful blasts.


  • 1x Resin Ambarox
  • 1x MDF 50mm Square Base

MG Stormforged Shrine 1 MG Mantic Stormforged Shrine 2

Stormforged Shrine – 55,00

The huge, floating Stormforged Shrine is an elemental forge, from where a Riftforger strikes ritual runes, harnessing the power of the storm to destroy the enemy or bolster the Legion’s strength.


  • 1x Resin Stormforged Shrine
  • 1x MDF 75mm Square Base

Quelle: Mantic Games


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  • hmm…schicke Mins, muss ich sagen. Aber die Bemalung und das Design…? Also wenn die Haut nicht grün gemalt wäre und mit Bärten würde ich eher auf zwergischen Einfluss tippen so vol Style her 😉

  • Hat noch jemand das Gefühl, dass auf den Rendern einige Texturen sind, die nicht auf den Promopaintjobs sind? Vor allem Fell und Amboss. – Wobei ich eher tippen wurde, dass die Render nachgearbeitet wurden, nicht dass bei den Casts was fehlen wird.

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