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Infinity: Neue Rollenspielbücher

Modiphius haben neue Bücher für das Infinity-Rollenspiel vorgestellt.

MP Infinity Rollenspiel O 12

Infinity: 0-12 Files Supplement (Print) – €19,95

Infinity: 0-12 Files Supplement (PDF) – €9,95


Welcome to O-12.

Born from the failings of the UN and the League of Nations, the O-12 is a place where what passes for interplanetary law across the Human Sphere is born, bred, and ultimately enforced. A bureaucratic monolith, it provides guidance on every topic and imposes order when all other measures fail.

It is the one neutral place where all the factions can come together and talk out their differences. Each can contribute, secure in the knowledge that they will be equally able to speak regardless of military might or economic leverage, and who knows, occasionally someone might even listen.

Whether marshalling the forces arrayed against the Combined Army, negotiating multilateral trade treaties, or pursuing shoplifters on a Circular, the O-12 is a constant, often quiet part of the Sphere’s everyday life. Partnered with the Sphere’s sole AI, ALEPH, it seeks to promote order above all, despite the natural anarchy that humanity is inclined to pursue.


  • Inside this 123-page book, you will learn of the O-12’s many and varied bureaus with a special emphasis on the agencies and ultimately people that strive to keep ruin from the door.
  • Full character creation rules for O-12 characters, including a wealth of background information on the O-12 faction, and expanded campaign rules for Bureau Noir.
  • Detailed information on Bureau Aegis, SWORDFOR, and Bureau Noir.
  • Inside gossip on the important embassies of the O-12.
  • A full rundown on the Concilium System and the threats hiding in its shadows.

MP Infinity Rollenspiel Acheron Cascade

Infinity: Acheron Cascade Campaign (Print) – €19,95

Infinity: Acheron Cascade Campaign (PDF) – €9,95


Mired in the jungles of Paradiso, three conspiracies will lead the player characters across the Human Sphere to uncover the treachery that lies at the very heart of the war.

The player characters are dispatched to Paradiso’s militarised moon Satori, to investigate an explosion at a Yu Jing facility. A series of secret plots lead the agents to investigate a number of factions, taking in such disparate and dangerous locations as the notorious Black Labs of Praxis, Yu Jing’s Zhi Shan Centre, the Snark Lands of Dawn, and finally, the Acheron Blockade itself!

Face off against conspirators, terrorists, and the alien menace of the Combined Army in an action-packed Sphere-spanning campaign that uncovers the true extent of the Combined Army’s efforts to bring the Human Sphere into the fold.


  • Inside this 156-page campaign book, you’ll find: New maps and adventure locations on Varuna, Dawn, Paradiso, and its moon, Satori – including Zhi Shan, one of the StateEmpire’s Invisible Prisons.
  • New situations to challenge the PCs – a heist on Bakunin, a prison break, a Shavastil asharii base, and a deadly game of cat-and-mouse infowar with an EI hacker. New adversaries including the Nomad Wildcats, the deadly tiangou, and the notorious Ko Dali.
  • Information on the Acheron Blockade including a chance for the PCs to show off their spacecraft piloting and command skills!
  • Murder on the Transtartaric railroad! Can the PCs uncover a murderer before their train arrives in Dalniy?
  • New tech and vehicles like the Pyxis device and Mayi transport. New spacecraft and rules for running action scenes in the void of space.

MP Infinity Rollenspiel Tags

Infinity: TAGs (Tactical Armoured Gears) (PDF) – €9,95


From the ashes of the Nanotech Wars and the Central American Campaign, a new race of metal colossi threw off the shackles of the ageing tank to become the ultimate in military armour. Setting the pace for even faster conflicts, where rapid deployment and asymmetric conflict is the rule, the TAG is a devastating innovation that brings lethal firepower to the spear tip of any conflict.

No matter the design they adopt, be it humanoid or insectoid, TAGs have become the pinnacle of humankind’s technological achievements with whole industries thriving in the design, construction, and maintenance of these mechanical goliaths.

And yet, theirs is a world of constant change. Once human operated, more and more of these machines are operated via remote presence. Once limited to the function of heavy cavalry, they are becoming smaller, faster, and capable of all manner of combat roles.

So, hop in, strap in, and log on to your avatar of war. You will guide these titans into battle against disgruntled miners, ferocious space pirates, and the brutal might of foes both human and the stuff of nightmares.


  • Statistics and details on TAGs from all the G-5 powers from the avant-garde Akrep to the ultra-upgraded Lizard, the elusive Cutter, and the telluric Marut, to name a few!
  • Heavy armours and remotes! Now you will be able to outfit your players with protection like the Mobile Brigada armour or the sturdy, yet efficient, Buffalo models from Ariadna. You can even escort them with the magnificent Asura or any of the over 30 remotes contained here!
  • Updated rules and clarifications to better understand the role of the Tactical Armoured Gear in your campaigns and make it clear the tank-hunters and anti-TAG infantry are real martyrs!
  • New career profiles will let you field a whole new segment of Human Sphere society revolving around the piloting, maintenance, smuggling, and remote interactions with these magnificent war machines. Over 20 upgrades for your TAGs, heavy armours, and remotes! Enough gizmos, extra weapons, and paintjobs to make Scarface and Stallion Jack jealous!
  • Ideas on how to run a TAG-centred campaign in the Human Sphere! From brutally hyper-technological battles and search and destroy missions, this book has all you need to wreak mayhem in the Human Sphere with the help of your little metal friends!

Quelle: Modiphius


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