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GW: Wochenvorschau

Kommenden Samstag geht es in die Reiche der Sterblichen, in der fernen Zukunft wird der Nephilim Sektor vom Krieg heimgesucht und auf Necromunda wagt man sich in die Tiefen der Aschewüste.

Sunday Preview – Dig for Victory with Roots, Rats, and Rock Drillers

The Mortal Realms tremble to the pitter-patter of millions of scurrying feet breaching through gnawholes, but the rejuvenated Realm of Life prepares to strike back with a goddess at their head. Two new battletomes crown next week’s bountiful pre-orders, while Necromunda’s adventures into the ash wastes continue with a major new book, a vehicle, and a gang. And what a gang they are!

Warhammer Age of Sigmar

General’s Handbook – Pitched Battles 2022-23 Season 1

Games Workshop Sunday Preview – Dig For Victory With Roots, Rats, And Rock Drillers 1

A new season of war begins with the General’s Handbook, an essential supplement for Warhammer Age of Sigmar which includes updated battleplans and Pitched Battle profiles for every unit in the game. As the definitive companion for competitive Warhammer Age of Sigmar players, it contains everything you need to take your tabletop clashes into the new season and brave the harsh environs of the Splintered Land of Gallet.

Battletome: Sylvaneth

Games Workshop Sunday Preview – Dig For Victory With Roots, Rats, And Rock Drillers 2

Alarielle’s Rite of Life has invigorated the Mortal Realms, and none feel its effects as keenly as her own Sylvaneth children. Freed from the torpor of the Necroquake, her armies once again reach out into the world, and all their newfound strength can be found within the pages of Battletome: Sylvaneth.

The most devoted of the goddess’ servants can show their allegiance to Life incarnate with a glorious limited edition battletome, bound in a soft-touch cover with gold lettering, gilt-edged pages, and a crimson ribbon page marker.

Gossamid Archers

Games Workshop Sunday Preview – Dig For Victory With Roots, Rats, And Rock Drillers 3

Joining the throngs of tree spirits who march at Alarielle’s call, the Gossamid Archers sprang to life following the revival of the Oak of Ages Past. Soaring through the air on graceful zephyrspite wings, they fire their bows with peerless accuracy, even on the move, using terrifying larval arrowheads that rapidly grow as they eat through their victims. Lovely.

Spiterider Lancers

Games Workshop Sunday Preview – Dig For Victory With Roots, Rats, And Rock Drillers 4

Also carried through the air, but this time on agile dragonsprite mounts, the Spiterider Lancers skewer unlucky foes on vicious lances as their insect steeds swoop around the battlefield. This kit can also build a band of Revenant Seekers, who guide the spirits of fallen Sylvaneth back to their soulpod groves. Both units possess the powerful ability to heal themselves when enemies fall before their blades.

Battletome: Skaven

Games Workshop Sunday Preview – Dig For Victory With Roots, Rats, And Rock Drillers 5

Skittering, twitching, scheming Skaven raise their heads once more and set their beady eyes on the Mortal Realms, as the Horned Rat’s hordes seek to consume everything in a tide of blades and fur. Battletome: Skaven contains everything you need to begin your campaign of conquest over the foolish man-things that inhabit the realms. And if you can make sure a few of your rivals perish-disappear in the process? Even better, yes-yes!

Prove your superiority over lesser Skaven generals with the shiny-special limited edition battletome, with a soft-touch cover, gold page edges, and a red ribbon marker to keep track of your devilish scheme-plans.

Warscroll Cards – Sylvaneth, Skaven, and Daughters of Khaine

Games Workshop Sunday Preview – Dig For Victory With Roots, Rats, And Rock Drillers 6

Keep all of your most important rules close at hand with packs of warscroll cards for the Sylvaneth, Skaven, and Daughters of Khaine – containing cards for every unit, Endless Spell, and Faction Terrain piece in their respective battletomes, plus tokens for tracking all your favourite abilities.

If you find yourself digging through the pages to find out just how many Clanrats are meeting a sticky end, these are an invaluable resource for saving time and keeping your attention squarely on the battlefield.

Dice Sets – Sylvaneth and Skaven

Games Workshop Sunday Preview – Dig For Victory With Roots, Rats, And Rock Drillers 7

There’s never been a better way to show your allegiance to your favourite faction than with a fistful of beautifully cast dice – and now the Sylvaneth and Skaven get their own. The dice are moulded in mossy green for the Sylvaneth and a sickly warpstone green for Skaven armies, and feature their faction symbols on the 6 face.

Ructions in the Realm of Life mean that the Sylvaneth dice will only be available to pre-order in Australia and New Zealand on the 18th of June. The Hidden Paths are taking a little longer to walk elsewhere, but they’ll be available to pre-order for the rest of the world soon.

Vanguard: Daughters of Khaine

Games Workshop Sunday Preview – Dig For Victory With Roots, Rats, And Rock Drillers 8

Fresh from giving the Nighthaunt the fight of their lives in the Arena of Blood boxed set, the Daughters of Khaine are heading right back into the thick of things with their long-awaited Vanguard box. This box contains five Blood Stalkers, five Doomfire Warlocks, 10 Witch Aelves, and a Melusai Ironscale to lead them. It’s both the perfect place to start a Daughters of Khaine army and a valuable collection of powerful units to bolster an existing force – all while saving money.

Vanguard: Skaven

Games Workshop Sunday Preview – Dig For Victory With Roots, Rats, And Rock Drillers 9

Not to be outdone, the skaven have concocted their own Vanguard box. It’s packed with verminous minions to boss around – a Grey Seer leads a pack of 20 Clanrats, supported by three hulking Stormfiends and the awesome technological might of a Warp Lightning Cannon. Whether you’re starting a new army or adding to your swarm, this is a collection of powerful and volatile weapons – with a furred horde ideal for occupying unwitting targets while your gunners lock on.

Vanguard: Nighthaunt

Games Workshop Sunday Preview – Dig For Victory With Roots, Rats, And Rock Drillers 10

Rising from their graves to reignite their war against the living, the Nighthaunt come prepared with a Vanguard box full of spectral soldiers. With a grim hero leading an otherworldly battleline, this is a great way to start a new army – or reinforce an existing one. 20 groaning Chainrasps flow across the battlefield in a wave of incorporeal death, while 10 Grimghast Reapers, three Spirit Hosts, and a macabre Knight of Shrouds set to stripping fresh souls from their victims.

Auric Flamekeeper

Games Workshop Sunday Preview – Dig For Victory With Roots, Rats, And Rock Drillers 11

Previously held up defending his magmahold from the predatory Idoneth Deepkin, the Auric Flamekeeper now joins Fyreslayer armies across the realms. This powerful funerary priest draws strength from his fallen comrades to bolster those that still draw breath, hardening their hides or putting an extra helping of heft behind their axe swings.

Akhelian Thrallmaster

Games Workshop Sunday Preview – Dig For Victory With Roots, Rats, And Rock Drillers 12

Meanwhile, the Idoneth bring forth a hero of their own to lead Deepkin forces to victory. The Akhelian Thrallmaster spurs his Namarti subjects on in combat, and can help your army’s rank-and-file stand up to some of the mightiest warriors the Mortal Realms have to offer.

High Gladiatrix

Games Workshop Sunday Preview – Dig For Victory With Roots, Rats, And Rock Drillers 13

The High Gladiatrix is a peerless duelist perfected by untold years of combat on the bloody sands, and she now joins the Daughters of Khaine for the first time since Arena of Blood. Against enemy leaders she finds her true calling – forcing them to fumble their weapons like fresh recruits when faced with a whirlwind of bloodshed from her barbed whip.

Scriptor Mortis

Games Workshop Sunday Preview – Dig For Victory With Roots, Rats, And Rock Drillers 14

Tallying up the souls gathered for Nagash is an important business, and only the cruellest bookkeepers get to spend the rest of eternity as a tortured Scriptor Mortis. These eldritch archivists use their otherworldly powers to mark enemies for death and ensure their souls reach their destined place among the Great Necromancer’s underworld empire.

Warhammer 40.000

Chapter Approved – War Zone Nephilim: Grand Tournament Mission Pack

Warhammer 40,000’s next season takes a step away from the embattled Nachmund Gauntlet with the next pack of tournament-focused matched play rules. Trouble is brewing in the Nephilim Sector, and only a lot of fighting is going to sort it out. Featuring critical updates to Command point generation, secondary objectives, Warlord Traits, and Relics, this Grand Tournament mission pack is invaluable for anyone who enjoys matched play games of Warhammer 40,000, whether you’re a tournament veteran or simply like to ensure your battles are always fought on an even footing.

Games Workshop Sunday Preview – Dig For Victory With Roots, Rats, And Rock Drillers 15

You’ll also find a new crop of missions for Incursion and Strike Force games, plus a collection of every secondary objective available to all factions across Warhammer 40,000 – perfect for preparing your next game.


The Book of the Outlands

The other gangs of the Underhive can follow the Orlocks out into the ash wastes in the Book of the Outlands, the next major supplement for Necromunda. Uncover an entire world of dangerous missions, choking ash storms, and prime holiday destinations out in the wastes, where you’ll need to construct your own vehicles and plan a hijack or two to survive the trials and tribulations of outside life.

Games Workshop Sunday Preview – Dig For Victory With Roots, Rats, And Rock Drillers 16

This book also provides full rules for Ash Waste Nomad gangs, who are none too pleased about either the hive-born encroaching on their land or the sturdy Ironhead Squat Prospectors who scour the sands for valuable loot. It is available as a hardback and an ePub.

Cargo-8 Ridgehauler

Games Workshop Sunday Preview – Dig For Victory With Roots, Rats, And Rock Drillers 17

Few Necromundans of any repute are inclined to spend time in the ash wastes, but when they do it pays to have the toughest thing on wheels at your back. The Cargo-8 Ridgehauler is a veritable beast of a machine. Shrugging off all but the heaviest weapons, it ensures that your gang’s valuables remain safe and sound within its armoured hold. Add this behemoth to your gang, and head off to ruin someone’s day in style.

Cargo-8 Ridgehauler Gunner Frames

Games Workshop Sunday Preview – Dig For Victory With Roots, Rats, And Rock Drillers 18

Want your Ridgehauler to give as good as it gets? Mount some heavy stubbers to the hull and blast away at any overly curious Nomads with a hail of bullets. This pack contains four Heavy Stubber assemblies to be mounted on the Cargo-8 Ridgehauler and its trailers, and can be built with the hatches closed, or open with a gunner.

Cargo-8 Ridgehauler Trailer

Games Workshop Sunday Preview – Dig For Victory With Roots, Rats, And Rock Drillers 19

What’s better than an armoured truck barreling across the wastes? A really long armoured truck barreling across the wastes, bristling with guns, traps, and precious cargo. Carry more loot, more ordnance, and more prestige by adding extra trailers to your Cargo-8 Ridgehauler, and show any gang foolish enough to get in your way that, on Necromunda, size really does matter.

Ironhead Squat Prospectors

Games Workshop Sunday Preview – Dig For Victory With Roots, Rats, And Rock Drillers 20

Tough and taciturn, the Ironhead Squat Prospectors excel at reclaiming valuable materials from the most dangerous environments on the planet. Whether it’s irradiated deserts, lethal sand storms, or the middle of a gang-on-gang throwdown – the Prospectors go about their business with grim resolve, stopping only to smash the odd enemy ganger into the ground with powerful, well-maintained weapons.

Ironhead Squat Prospectors and House Orlock Gang Tactics Cards

Games Workshop Sunday Preview – Dig For Victory With Roots, Rats, And Rock Drillers 21

The Ironhead Squat Prospectors have plenty of tricks up their sleeves, learned through millennia of tireless toil beneath the hives. Keep their best-laid plans close at hand with these Gang Tactics Cards.

House Orlock can grab their own Gang Tactics in this pack of cards, collecting their repertoire of schemes, gambits, and sharp practices in one convenient place.

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  • Schön, dass die Charaktermodelle aus den letzten dicken Boxen jetzt auchg STand Alone rauskommen (Daughter of Khaine Gladiatrix, Idoneth Thrallmaster und Co.).

    Kein großer Fan bin ich von den neuen Vanguard-Boxen. Denen fehlt irgendwie das Centerpiece-Modell, was noch die alten Boxen hatten – und teilweise wirken sie wahllos zusammengestellt.

      • Noch bis Ende des Monats läuft die sogenannte TWS-Challenge, bei der es darum geht, aus einem Munitorum-Container-Gussrahmen etwas Neues/Anderes zu bauen. Siehe hierzu die beiden Battle-Mech-Videos (Bauen & Bemalen) vor wenigen Wochen.

        Und nun bringt GW diese Container selbst als Fahrzeuge – lustiger Zufall! 😀

      • Ich glaub, Dir ist trotz 😉 und 😀 der Humor in meinem Posting entgangen. Natürlich war das nicht ernst gemeint und ein anderes Design, es ist einfach nur ein lustiger Zufall, der für mich grob nach bei-der-Challenge-Mitmachen aussah …

    • naja, die GW-Entwürfe gab es halt schon vor dem Wettbewerb.

      nun, dann viel Erfolg. Ich fände ja einen Contest spannender, bei dem für 10% des Originalpreises ein bekanntes TT-Geländeobjekt nachgebaut wird.

      • Mein Gott…
        Das war doch nur ein Spaß!
        Vielleicht sollten wir die Timeline der Entwürfe von GW und des Wettbewerbs genau prüfen lassen (Achtung! Das ist auch nur ein Spaß!)

      • @Diablo
        Bei mir zündete der Witz halt nicht und das versuchte ich ja dann zu erklären. Dabei wünschte ich dem TWS noch Erfolg und machte einen Vorschlag.
        Von mir aus kannst du mich anstrengend finden. Emojis 🙂 😀

  • Sehe ich es richtig, dass bei den Squats je 4 Posen und 4 Köpfe als Dubletten plus unterschiedliche Waffen enthalten sind? Das ent-flasht mich ganz schön. Wenn dann noch der Preis bei 45 Euronen liegt bin ich raus. Retor-Feeling hin oder her. Ich hoffe doch, dass der restliche 40k-Squat-Release ein wenig mehr zu bieten hat.

    • Necromunda verwendet normalerweise einen Gussrahmen, mit einer Handvoll unterschiedlicher Posen, plus halbwegs flexible Elemente für Arme, Köpfe, etc… dieser Gussrahmen wird dann 2x in die Box gepackt, um eine Gangbox zu erhalten.

      • Ich seh mindestens 7 😉

        Bei Necromunda finde ich das nicht schlimm mit den doppelten Posen. Man bekommt ja doch recht unterschiedliche Minis daraus.

      • Dass man bei Necromunda zwei identische Rahmen hat, war dank der Vielzahl an Optionen nie problematisch bisher.
        Aber bei den Waffen hätten sie nicht so sparen sollen: Jetzt haben auch die Melter nen Patronenauswurf 🤨

  • Ich hätte mir bei den Squats andere Waffen gewünscht, vielleicht ein paar schuktergestützte schwere Waffen oder so.

    Es wirkt halt doch unfassbar albern, wenn sie alle aussehn, als würden sie jeden Moment auf etwas schießen wollen, was noch kleiner ist als sie selbst oder sich 2 Meter vor ihnen aus dem Boden gräbt.

    Selbst wenn sie diese Flinten alle zum Zielen hochreissen würden, haben sie ja höchstens die Knie von menschengroßen Gegnern im Visier. Wenn das Ziel nicht hinter Deckung steht. Maximalst unpraktisch.

    • Sind einfach die besten Maulwurfentferner zwischen hier und dem Eye of Terror 😅
      Außerdem ist ein niedriger Schwerpunkt ja sicher auch noch zu irgendwas gut!

      • Den Kommentar finde ich völlog daneben. Die Figuren derart in’s Lächerliche zu ziehen auf Kosten der Leute, die viel Herzblut in das Design gesteckt haben und mit ganzem Herzen dabei sind. Unterste Schublade!

      • Berufstrolle haben nie Feierabend, oder?
        Aber klar, eine Designentscheidung zu karikieren ist identisch mit Frotzeleien über sexuellen Missbrauch. Du bist mein Held des Tages!

      • @Davy Das die GW Sachen immer handwerklich wirklich super gemacht, darüber kann man sich wohl nicht streiten.

        Aber natürlich darf gewisse Designentscheidungen kritisieren, wenn sie wie hier zwar von coolen anderen Sachen inspiriert wurden, aber im 40k Kontext unfreiwillig komisch wirken.

        Ja, die Concept Art vom Kabale Koloss aus Destiny finde ich auch cool und das sie hier als Basis für ein anderes gedrungenes Space Suit Design mit fetter Waffe dient, finde ich eigentlich auch gut und nachvollziehbar. Einmal Google Bildersuche und man versteht sofort welches Bild ich meine, falls man den nicht kennen sollte.

        Nur der Kabal Koloss ist halt ungefähr 4m groß, da funktioniert diese Waffenhaltung praktisch auch, da alle Ziele kleiner sind als er.

        Das wurde hier halt schlicht übersehen, und so richtig gutes Design hat halt, bei allem Zeitdruck, auch den Anspruch glaubwürdig zu sein.

      • Offen gestanden habe ich schon lange nicht mehr das Gefühl, dass bei GW irgendwer Herzblit in irgendwas steckt… Ausser vielleicht in den Aktionärsbericht.

    • Soweit ich das sehe, schießt nur ein einziger Squat. Und zwar auf den Piephahn seines Gegenübers. Dakkadakka! Vielleicht kann man Pose 4 noch zwei-drei weitere Steine unter den Schuh schummeln, damit zumindest zwei Squats schießend scheinen.

  • Wenn die Kommentare mal wieder unterhaltsamer als die News sind…

    Russentrolle oder normale Irre?

    Egal, ich hol mir mal Popcorn. Noch wer?

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