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GW: Weihnachtsfigur 2022

Auch dieses Jahr bietet Games Workshop zum Jahresende eine besondere Miniatur an, dieses Jahr führt die Weihnachtsfigur in die Reiche der Sterblichen von Warhammer Age of Sigmar, mit dem Abhorrant Ghoul King.

This Year’s Boxing Day Miniature Has a Next-Level Party Hat

Ah, Christmas. It’s a time of celebration and excess. As the nightly snow descends and the wind howls outside, we like to settle in for a big feast, a proper all-you-can-eat style affair, surrounded by our nearest and dearest.

Agony only sets in once dessert is served and the arguments start. You know how it is – there’s the usual bickering about which Mortarch is best, and then uncle Fangheart begins screeching in an inhuman tongue, his breath reeking with foetid corpse meat. The Christmas songs record-scratch, the walls fall away, and… oh gods…

Games Workshop This Year’s Boxing Day Miniature Has A Next Level Party Hat 1

The illusion is shattered! That’s not your favourite uncle in his favourite chair, that’s the Abhorrant Ghoul King with Crown of Delusion, this year’s Boxing Day Miniature! Instead of a cosy Christmas scene, our reverie was in fact a heinous feast of raw flesh, and we’re actually all horrible ghouls deluded into a parody of familial festivities!

Oh, well. Anyone up for party games?

Games Workshop This Year’s Boxing Day Miniature Has A Next Level Party Hat 2

This crowned cannibal will make a perfect painting project for those who want to push themselves with a special one-off miniature, or perhaps he’ll become the centre of a Flesh-eater Courts diorama – maybe even a gory feast full of foul Crypt Ghouls and Crypt Horrors?

This commemorative miniature will be available exclusively at Warhammer stores from Boxing Day* until Sunday the 8th of January 2023. You’ll be able to order it online between Saturday the 7th of January and Sunday the 15th of January, so dip your finger in blood – er, cranberry sauce – and circle your calendar.

*For those not in the UK, Boxing Day is the 26th December

Quelle: Games Workshop


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