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GW: Black Library Celebration Miniaturen 2022

Bei der diesjähren Black Library Celebration 2022 wird es wieder zwei neue Miniaturen geben, den Imperial Fist Fafnir Rann und den Blood Angel Dominion Zephon, die beide während des Großen Bruderkriegs ihren Auftritt hatten.

Sunday Preview – New Models for Black Library Celebration

Kicking off the Black Library Celebration are two stunning new miniatures for The Horus Heresy. With such a great beard, Fafnir Rann looks like he could be a son of Russ, but he’s actually one of the stoic Imperial Fists. He’s as unstoppable on the attack as he is unyielding in defence, and his twin axes – the Hunter and the Headsman – will slice through any traitors foolish enough to get close.
Games Workshop Sunday Preview – New Models And Epic Tales For Black Library Celebration 1
Dominion Zephon had his Great Crusade cut short when he suffered terrible injuries at the hands of xenos warriors. No less a tech-adept than Arkhan Land – the (re)discoverer of the Land Raider and Land Speeder – created his new bionics and got him back in the fight. His jump pack lets him zip around the battlefield to bring his volkite serpenta pistols to wherever they can do the most damage.
Games Workshop Sunday Preview – New Models And Epic Tales For Black Library Celebration 2
Both of these models are in plastic and will be available from Games-Workshop.com.
Quelle: Games Workshop

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