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02 Hundred Hours: Webseite

Grey For Now Games  hat jetzt eine Webseite für das WW2 Spieö „02 Hundred Hours“ eingerichtet.

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Grey For Now Games – 02 Hundred Hours


02 Hundred Hours is a skirmish wargame focusing on night-time raids in World War II. Inspired by classic war movies as well as historical events, battles are fast paced with roughly 10-20 models on either side.

Field an elite force of Commandos, SAS, Paratroopers or Rangers to infiltrate the enemy lines under cover of darkness. Recruit SOE spies and local resistance fighters to bolster your chances.

Launch attacks on radar stations, munition factories, airfields, bridges and rail lines. Sneak past sentries, take them out with silent attacks, or open fire with a devastating ambush. Plant charges to destroy your objective, assassinate a target or grab vital intel, then fight your way to safety before reinforcements arrive.

Or play as the defenders, carefully setting patrol routes so your sentries can spot raiders in the shadows, utilise guard dogs, officers or even the dreaded Gestapo and make use of informants and intercepted transmissions to thwart the attackers’ plans.

Release Date

The game is expected to launch Spring 2022. For updates, exclusive offers and occasional FREE STUFF sign up to the Grey For Now Games newsletter.


All fighters have a 180 degree field of vision, so cannot see behind without turning. Enemies are not visible in the darkness and must be detected before you can react to them.

The attackers start each mission creeping forward through the night, aiming to stay covert, timing their movement to sneak behind patrolling sentries. If they are careless, or a sentry turns at the wrong moment, the defenders may detect them and grow suspicious, closing in and eventually raising the alarm.

At this point the defenders get reinforcements and can open fire on the raiders! But even then, it is vital to locate enemy soldiers – both sides can only attack foes once they’ve been spotted!


The core set comes with multi-part plastic figures for both sides, created in partnership with Wargames Atlantic.

Expansion sets will add a range of metal character models plus add-on parts for the plastics and accompanying extra rules.


Link: 02 Hundred Hours
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  • WW2 ist nicht mein setting, aber wenn sie sich eine gute Schleich-Mechanik ausgedacht haben schaue ich auf jeden Fall mal ins Regelbuch

    • Dem schließ ich mich an. Klingt sehr interessant, aber das Setting würde eher Richtung Agenten vs. Superschurken mit Privat-Armee geändert werden.

  • Hätte mal Bock auf eine kleine Kampagne nach der Art „Aliens haben die Welt unterjocht“ oder man wacht in einer Invasion einer Supermacht auf und geht in den Untergrund (z.B. wie im Videospiel Homefront). Dafür fände ich coole Mechanismen für Schleichen, NSC-Patrouillen oder Alarme ganz brauchbar, Kampfregeln hätte ich schon paar passende.

    Hmm, Black Ops hätte ich auch noch irgendwo, hab aber noch nicht reingeschmökert.

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