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GW-Preview: Contrast, Made to Order und mehr.

Games Workshop haben ihr Wochenvorschau veröffentlicht und zeigen was die kommenden Samstag in die Vorbestellung geht.


Gwpreiviewcontrast2 Gwpreiviewcontrast3

Contrast Paints

Contrast has revolutionised the way we paint our armies. This massively successful range has allowed hobbyists of all levels to achieve the results they want in a quick, fresh, and easy way. The already-impressive Contrast lineup is set to receive 25 new hues.

These are some of the brightest and boldest colours yet, including fiery reds and oranges, icy blues, and vibrant greens and purples. They all go up for pre-order this Saturday, so clear some space on your shelves* and start dreaming up new ways to put the expanded range to use.

Gwpreiviewcontrast4 Gwpreiviewcontrast5


Everyone loves Shade paints. Slather them on to transform your models from flat and lifeless to gritty, grimy, and ready for battle. And get this – the paint experts at Citadel Colour have found a way to improve on perfection.

All Shade paints have been reformulated to flow better, settling into the recesses while adding a bit less pigment to flat surfaces, making them even more useful.In addition to reformulating these beloved paints (and don’t fret, they’re the same great colours – they just go on smoother and better than ever before) they went ahead and added seven new Shade paints to the range! There’s something here for just about every project, and you’ll be able to pre-order all the new and reformulated existing colours starting this Saturday.


White Scar Spray

Sometimes you just need a crisp, bright white undercoat to give your model the perfect start – and that’s where the new White Scar Spray comes in. It’s the perfect compliment to the existing sprays – Grey Seer offers a wonderful cool white, and Wraithbone a rich, creamy base – and now the trinity is complete! White Scar gives you that brilliant white base you’ve always wanted.

Though White Scar has been formulated to have the same silky-smooth texture as Grey Seer and Wraithbone – ideal for Contrast – it works with any paint. It gives you a perfectly blank canvas that works well for bright, punchy paint schemes. You’ll be able to pre-order it along with the new Contrast and Shade paints this Saturday.

All the new paints have a two-week pre-order period. But that’s not all that’s up for grabs by a long shot.



Thatos Pattern Hab Modules Transfer Sheet

Want to give your Necromunda terrain that ‘lived-in-by-cutthroat-gangs-and-mysterious-bandits’ look? This transfer sheet is loaded with decals representing gang graffiti, devotional prayer script, hazard markings, and the spidery scrawl of the nomads.
One sheet has enough transfers to cover an entire battlefield, making it easier than ever to add a touch of realism to your buildings, ruins, and hab modules. Pre-order it starting this Saturday.



White Dwarf 478

July’s issue is up for pre-order this Saturday, packed with hobby goodness, gorgeous photography, insights from the studio teams, and more. 478 is an essential issue for sci-fi fans, with expanded rules for terrain in Kill Team, and the first in a new series of articles for the latest edition of Warhammer: The Horus Heresy.

Made to Order

Fans of Blood Bowl and the Age of Darkness unite – classic models are getting a temporary re-release starting this Saturday.


Gwpreiviewcontrast12 Gwpreiviewcontrast13 Gwpreiviewcontrast14

For sports fans, take a look at this set of trophies ripped straight from the classic artwork.

Celebrate your team’s victories, create a diorama, or create prizes for your tournaments.

Looking for a little Chaos flair? A set of mutated players for both Chaos Chosen and Skaven teams will allow you to show off some of the gifts your players have received from their dark gods, including extra limbs, claws, and tentacles. How fun!


Gwpreiviewcontrast15 Gwpreiviewcontrast16 Gwpreiviewcontrast17

If your tastes run more to the Legiones Astartes, these custom accessories will add a bit of bling to your Iron Warriors and Dark Angels.These resin bits add some Legion flavour to older armour marks – perfect for showing honours, or converting entire squads for a more uniform appearance. They’ll be available to order for just one week starting on Saturday.

Black Library



Soulslayer (Audiobook)

Need something to listen to while you try out all those new paints? Follow along with Gotrek’s latest misadventures in the Mortal Realms with the audio release of Soulslayer.
This time around, the exceptional soul of this legendary Slayer attracts the attention of some Idoneth Deepkin who fancy trying it out for themselves. Pre-order the MP3 this coming Saturday.

Warhammer + und Twitch



If you subscribe to Warhammer+, you’ve got another exciting week ahead of you. If not, take a look at what you’re missing out on. This week, you’ll find another Battle Report set during the Age of Darkness – this one involving two Primarchs – plus Contrast painting tips from the experts, and the next instalment in the incredible Interrogator series.


As always, we’ve got a full schedule of Warhammer Live shows on Twitch, plus lots of painting articles on Warhammer Community.

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