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FW: Necromunda Neuheiten

Forge World bringt einen Schwung an Neuheiten für Necromunda, darunter ein neues Fahrzeug zur Erkundung der Aschewüsten, besonderen Charakteren und mehr.

Forge World Chronos Pattern Ironcrawler 1

Forge World Chronos Pattern Ironcrawler 2 Forge World Chronos Pattern Ironcrawler 3 Forge World Chronos Pattern Ironcrawler 4 Forge World Chronos Pattern Ironcrawler 5

Chronos Pattern Ironcrawler – 112,00 Euro

Heavily-armoured transports employed by the Guild of Coin, Chronos-pattern Ironcrawlers are used to escort important convoys across the ash wastes, carrying a payload of hired gangers to ward off the raiders that plague Necromunda’s trading routes. Originally based on the chassis of a Cargo-8 Ridgehauler, these vehicles load up on additional armour plating and exchange wheels for heavy-duty tracks, allowing them to stray from the safety of the roads and protect a gang’s investments across any terrain.

This multipart plastic and resin kit builds a Chronos-pattern Ironcrawler, for use with any gang except the Ash Waste Nomads. This vehicle’s armoured hull is covered in details, such as vents, fuel tanks, ladders, headlights, and towing cables. The top of the Ironcrawler features two hatches, both of which can be built closed or with a gunner – a frontal hatch, which can be equipped with a pintle-mounted heavy stubber or grenade launcher, and a central hatch, which can be armed with a heavy stubber. The vehicle’s rear boasts a transport cage for gangers to ride aboard, shooting its rear deck or the safety of its armoured fire points.

This set comprises 131 plastic components and 35 resin components.

Rules for using this miniature in your games of Necromunda are included in the construction booklet.

Forge World Athera, Blade Of The Matriarch – Escher House Agent 1 Forge World Athera, Blade Of The Matriarch – Escher House Agent 2 Forge World Athera, Blade Of The Matriarch – Escher House Agent 3

Athera, Blade of the Matriarch – Escher House Agent – 35,00 Euro

Athera is the bodyguard, champion, and gene-sister of House Escher’s Matriarch Primus, known and feared across Necromunda as the Matriarch’s Blade. The two share a special bond as clone children of Queen Vhoadycia, and Athera is often dispatched to act as Adina’s proxy in matters of honour. More than one opponent has openly backed down from a dispute upon seeing Athera step from the shadows, casually balancing her chainaxe on her shoulder as she tells her companion Stix all the ways she plans to deal with them. This diminutive pet is a Caryatid – a winged psychic creature whose kind infests the underhive. It latched onto Athera in the depths of Hive Primus, near the chem river for which she named it, and has brought her good fortune ever since.

This multipart resin kit builds Athera, the feared Matriarch’s Blade – and her Caryatid companion Stix. This exceptionally-skilled Escher House Agent wears a luxurious high-collared coat over carapace armour decorated with spikes and feathers, her braided hair flowing in the wind. She hefts a master-crafted chainaxe in one hand, issuing a challenge to her foes, while gripping an elegant plasma pistol in the other. Stix sits in a cross-legged sulk, adorned with robes and bangles to suit a prized pet, its membranous wings and childlike body marked by the swirling tattoo-patterns characteristic of Caryatids.

This highly detailed kit comprises 13 components, and is supplied with a Citadel 32mm Necromunda Base and a Citadel 25mm Necromunda Base.

This pack includes Fighter reference cards for Athera and Stix, as well as the special rules for both characters. Their full rules can also be found in The Aranthian Succession: Cinderak Burning supplement.

Forge World Escher Shivver & Apprentice Clan Chymist 1 Forge World Escher Shivver & Apprentice Clan Chymist 2 Forge World Escher Shivver & Apprentice Clan Chymist 3

Escher Shivver & Apprentice Clan Chymist – 33,00 Euro

House Escher employs many specialists to meet the unique needs of its gangs. Clan Chymists often spend their apprenticeships in the underhive, where they learn how best to concoct and apply toxins, and experiment on fighters with their elixirs – when a ganger falls in battle, they may even help revive the unfortunate subject as an Escher Death-maiden. Gang sisters who wish to avoid such a fate may pay a visit to the Shivver, a hive oracle sheltered by House Escher for her precognitive talents. A Shivver’s glimpses of the future can save a gang from calamities or lead them to great riches – though at other times, they may mislead them to disaster.

This multipart resin kit builds one Shivver and one Apprentice Clan Chymist, specialist Hangers-on for any House Escher gang. The Shivver is bedecked with the artefacts of her fortune-telling craft, from cards of the Emperor’s Tarot to a psi-crystal orb carried by a hovering servo-skull, with an impressive headdress of cybernetic cables extending from her cranium. The Apprentice Clan Chymist is busy applying experimental toxins to a fine Escher blade, with additional flasks and potion bottles strapped to her belt alongside a holstered needle pistol. She’s clad in goggles, a rebreather mask, and a coat and long gloves to guard against the alchemical spills of her profession.

This highly detailed kit consists of 15 resin components, and is supplied with 2x Citadel 25mm Necromunda Bases.

This pack includes Fighter reference cards for the Shivver and Apprentice Clan Chymist, detailing their profile and abilities. Full rules for using these Hangers-on in your games can be found in the Necromunda: House of Blades supplement.

Forge World Escher Ash Wastes Upgrades 1 Forge World Escher Ash Wastes Upgrades 2

Escher Ash Wastes Upgrades – 28,00 Euro

The ash wastes of Necromunda are toxic enough to threaten even the infamous alchemists of House Escher – but riches await any who can conquer the unforgiving outlands, ensuring there’s no shortage of gangs willing to suit up and venture out. The House of Blades prepares for such expeditions with visor-goggles, rebreathers, and flasks of purified water, stuffing backpacks with spare knives and ammo, chems and charms, and trophies taken from wasteland beasts.

This upgrade set allows you to give your Escher gangers some extra ash wastes character as they take their fight out of the underhive, loading up your gang with goggles, rebreathers, and other outdoor kit featuring that signature Escher aesthetic. You can spread the components around, or load up 10 gangers with a full set of wasteland wear.

This highly detailed resin set includes:
– 10x Escher heads, each with a unique design suited to the ash wastes
– 10x backpacks, in five different designs loaded with icons, trophies, and survival tools
– 10x flasks decorated with feathers

The kit is composed of 30 resin components, designed to be assembled with the plastic Escher gang models that are sold separately.

Forge World Gorshiv Hammerfist, Bounty Hunter 1 Forge World Gorshiv Hammerfist, Bounty Hunter 2 Forge World Gorshiv Hammerfist, Bounty Hunter 3

Gorshiv Hammerfist, Bounty Hunter – 36,00 Euro

The infamous Rogue Doc Shiv has created some impressive specimens over the years, but none quite as glorious as Gorshiv Hammerfist. Arguably the most powerful Stimmer to ever bear the title, Gorshiv was created – if rumours are to be believed – from the parts of a dozen failed experiments, bone and muscle grafted together before being pumped full of custom genetic-stimulants. Gorshiv is fanatically loyal to his creator, perhaps because Shiv keeps injecting him with her own blend of stimms and growth-chems. When he first left her labs, Gorshiv was little more than a thug looking to make trouble – now, years later, the Stimmer is a towering murder machine.

This multipart resin kit builds Gorshiv Hammerfist, a hulking Bounty Hunter who can be hired by any Necromunda gang. Clad in the carapaced hide of a slaughtered wasteland beast, this hulking Goliath monster wields a pair of massive, custom-made power hammers – dubbed ‚Wreck and Ruin‘ – which he swings with crushing force. A holstered stub gun hangs from his waist, for dealing with any foes too cowardly to get within hammer-range.

This highly detailed kit comprises 16 components, and is supplied with a Citadel 40mm Necromunda Base.

This pack includes a Fighter reference card for Gorshiv Hammerfist, detailing his profile and rules. Rules for using him can also be found in the Necromunda: The Aranthian Succession – Cinderak Burning supplement.

Forge World Underhive Traders 1 Forge World Underhive Traders 2 Forge World Underhive Traders 3

Underhive Traders – 44,00 Euro

Necromunda is a world built upon commerce. From deepest corners of the underhive to the very heights of the spires, goods are bought, sold, and bartered without end. A canny trader can make their fortune if they know where to sell their wares, and the underhive is a rich source of potential customers – especially gangers, who flood the markets in search of everything from cheap ammo and fine-tuned firearms to exotic pets and religious artefacts.

This multipart resin kit builds three different Underhive Traders – specialist Hangers-on who can provide mercantile services to Necromunda’s various gangs. The Beastwrangler hoists a young sumpkroc in one hand, a small menagerie of tamed beasts lurking around their ankles and shoulders. The Relicmonger is shrouded in mysterious robes and cybernetics, brandishing a holy reliquary and accompanied by a lockbox-bearing cherubim. The Gun-smyth is slung with ammo and firearms, leaning on a massive heavy bolter too big for them to lift.

This set contains:
– 1x Beastwrangler
– 1x Gun-smyth
– 1x Relicmonger

This highly detailed set comprises 23 resin components, and is supplied with 1x Citadel 32mm Round Base and 2x Citadel 25mm Round Bases.

This pack includes Fighter reference cards for the Relicmonger, Beastwrangler, and Gun-smyth, detailing their profiles and abilities. Full rules for using these Hangers-on in your games can be found in the Necromunda: Book of the Outcast supplement.

Quelle: Forge World


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  • Naja zu den Preisen braucht man glaube ich nichts mehr schreiben. Da bekommt man auch ohne Zwiebel feuchte Augen. Die Schmerzgrenze ist da schon mehr als deutlich überschritten.

    • Na ja das mit der Zwiebel war gut 😁😥
      Ich werde mir aber trotzdem die Underhive Traders kaufen 😃

    • stimmt (ich überfliege die preise schon immer, allerdings kauf ich auch kein resin von FW, was die mir vor über 20 jahren zu geschickt haben, war eine Zumutung, die ich nicht mehr vergessen kann)

      • 20Jahre alte Erfahrungen…

        Ich bin in den letzten 20 Jahren immer mal wieder schwach geworden und kann bestätigen das die Qualität früher grausam war.
        Sie hat sich aber über die Jahre deutlich gesteigert. Die letzten Sachen die ich von FW bekommen habe waren alle völlig ok.
        Über Preis/Leistung will ich da gar nicht streiten, dass soll jeder selbst entscheiden, aber man bekommt inzwischen, das was man auf dem Bild sieht und nicht nen verborgenen Klumpen Resin.

  • Der Crawler hat mich echt interessiert und auch wenn ich die elenden Preisdiskussionen nie mitgemacht habe, aber hier ist auch für mich Schluß – 112??? Gibts echt Verrückte die das kaufen??

    • Geht doch… In GW-Relationen. Kostet nur soviel wie 7 der anderen hier angebotenen Minis und bietet deutlich mehr.


    • Der Trawler inspirierte mich dazu, etwas ganz ähnliches für 10% des Preises mit einem Plotter nachzubauen.

      • also der digitale Entwurf war nach 30min fertig. Warum soll ich da einen Stundensatz berechnen? Ich mag keine Resinbausätze und wollte ein eigenes Design. Wer außer mir soll denn meine persönlichen Ideen umsetzen?

  • Einige schöne Minis dabei, aber wie immer die Frage bei GW: Kauf ich mir eine Einheit von GW oder einen guten Grundstock einer Armee von Nicht-GW.

    Jedem das Seine.

    Fröhliche Advents- und Hobbyzeit.

  • Bei dem Panzer bin ich mir nicht sicher, die Modelle kaufe ich mir aber bestimmt.
    Ich finde sie einfach wunderschön.

    Habe aber auch nur Necromunda als GW System, da sind die Preise wieder verschmerzbar.

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