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Forge of Doom: God of a Thousand Eyes Kickstarter

Auf Kickstarter werden derzeit interessante Fantasyminis finanziert.

FoD The God Of A Thousand Eyes 1

Und darum geht es:

FoD The God Of A Thousand Eyes 2

The God of a Thousand Eyes is a new range of Sword & Sorcery metal miniatures in 30mm, representing a dangerous cult worshipping a demonic spider god. Inspired by real-world Middle-Eastern cultures such as the Persian Empire and Sumeria, but with a Fantasy twist.

The Miniatures

FoD The God Of A Thousand Eyes 3 FoD The God Of A Thousand Eyes 4

All miniatures come with a cardboard insert, featuring the professionally painted figure.

The cards

A set of seven beautifully illustrated cards as a complement to the miniatures, one per each character or type of warrior. They have an illustration on one side and background information on the other side and the size is 59 x 91 mm (standard American board game size).

Pledge Levels

Inner Sanctum (Damkribu the Seer plus one of each Ashabaki)…………31 €

FoD The God Of A Thousand Eyes 5

Protectors of the Spider (Sagkal the Accursed plus four Etlhudi)………..38 €

FoD The God Of A Thousand Eyes 6

Full Might of the Spider Cult (all the miniatures plus character cards)….. 85 €

FoD The God Of A Thousand Eyes 7


The Chosen One (any character of your choice)……………………………..10 €

FoD The God Of A Thousand Eyes 8

Gissuri (the two Gissuri miniatures)……………………………………………..15 €

FoD The God Of A Thousand Eyes 9

Guards of the Temple (four modular miniatures, two of each)…………….28 €

FoD The God Of A Thousand Eyes 10

Protectors of the Seer (three miniatures, one of each model)…………….21 €

FoD The God Of A Thousand Eyes 11

Characters Cards (seven illustrated cards with background information)…………….2 €

FoD The God Of A Thousand Eyes 12


This is my first project and I want to be sure I will deliver it on time. No Stretch-Goals are planned for this campaign because they could cause a significant delay.

However, If we greatly exceed the funding goal, I may have a nice surprise up my sleeve.

Shipping and Delivery

Shipping will be charged AFTER THE END OF THE CAMPAIGN, during the “Pledge Manager” phase. We do not include shipping costs in the campaign because they needlessly increase the cost of the goal.  All orders will be shipped from Spain, with tracking number and insurance.

Below, you will find an estimation of shipping costs per shipping area. These are only estimates, however we are committed to these prices being the average amount you will have to pay.

FoD The God Of A Thousand Eyes 13

For this project, I have counted on many talented freelance artists, who deserve my gratitude and praise.  Let’s meet them!


  •  Josedavinci (a.k.a. Jose David Gonzalez Ramos) is 33 years old and has been a professional painter for the last 6 years, painting many box arts for well-known companies. You can learn more about his painting techniques on his YouTube channel, Twitch, and Patreon. Jose has painted all the miniatures of this project.


  •  Brother Vinni is a company that has been producing original 28mm miniatures for more the 10 years. Brother Vinni has sculpted the three Ashabaki and the two Gissuri.
  •  Sergio Alonso Leon has a Fine Arts degree in painting, but he started sculpting at a young age. Nowadays he has his own company called Tercio Creativo and occasionally works as a freelance. Sergio has sculpted Ur-Sukalum, Sagkal the Accursed, and the two Etludhi.
  •  Lux Thantor (a.k.a. Luc Pinganaud in real life), is 49 years old, and a father of 2 wonderful boys. Freelance miniature sculptor since 2015, handmade only, Fimo addict. Lux has sculpted Acrisonos.
  •  Paul Muller is a veteran sculptor who has worked for companies such as Games Workshop or Wizards of the Coast. Paul has sculpted Damkribu the Seer.


  •  Rodrigo Aguirre Llasera has been our main illustrator, now making a successful career as a 3D designer. Rodrigo has illustrated all the characters save the Etludhi.
  •  Clarartmente (a.k.a. Clara Gavira) has illustrated the Etludhi.


  • YoNadie (a.k.a. Luís) is not a professional artist, but he has a natural talent for drawing. He has been imagining and creating characters since an early age. His involvement in this project has allowed him to see his creations coming „to life“.

Die Kampagne ist finanziert und läuft noch 25 Tage und ist finanziert.

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