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Footsore: Harrowhyrst Frostwyrm

Footsore haben ein neues Modell angekündigt.

FW Footsore Harrowhyrst Frostwyrm 1 FW Footsore Harrowhyrst Frostwyrm 2

The next denizen of Harrowhyrst is on its way soon. The mold is being prepared and we are looking forward to releasing this one. Here is what Trish has to say about it.

Finally finished! My next figure for my HarrowHyrst range is the Forest Wyrm, pictured with a human who is around 32mm tall.
He’s completely made from forest deadfall and wingless to enable him to wind sinuously through the deepest part of the woods. High in the branches and motionless he’s perfectly camouflaged, lying amongst the fallen branches on the forest floor you’ll never see him until it’s too late!

There are small creatures living in and on him, not easy to spot until they creep from their hiding places to join the hunt.
He’s not easy to photograph, but I snuck up on him quietly so that you can take a look…..if I don’t return please send out a search party! Make sure they’re well armed with sharp axes……

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