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Empress Miniatures: Neuheiten

Empress Miniatures präsentieren ihre Neuheiten auf Facebook.

Empress Miniatures Neuheiten 01 Empress Miniatures Neuheiten 02

Some new releases from Iron Duke for the GAPS range.
28mm in case you do not know.🙃
GAPS 61 Sikh Regular Infantry Firing Line (8 figs).
GAPS 62 Sikh Regular Infantry Command. (4 figs).

Empress Miniatures Neuheiten 03 Empress Miniatures Neuheiten 09 Empress Miniatures Neuheiten 08 Empress Miniatures Neuheiten 07 Empress Miniatures Neuheiten 06 Empress Miniatures Neuheiten 05 Empress Miniatures Neuheiten 04

Another set of releases of 28mm Iron Duke miniatures for the Orange River and Waterkloof Ranges.
WKF 7 Xhosa Hut. [Resin product]
OR 18 Dismounted Basotho skirmishers (II). (8 figs).
OR 20 British Line or Light Infantry, doubling at the slope, coatees, peaked Kilmarnocks, regulation crossbelt equipment, blanket packs, P1842 percussion muskets. (4 figs). Particularly suited for the 43rd (The Monmouthshire) Regiment (Light Infantry) in Southern Africa in 1852, (including the 8th CFW, Orange River Expedition and Battle of Berea).
OR 21 12th Royal Lancers. (6 riders, 6 horses).
OR 24 Cavalry Officers and Personalities. (5 riders, 5 horses & 1 figure on foot). Includes Maj. Wm. Tottenham, 12th Lancers, Lt Col George Naiper, CMR, Major General Henry Somerset, late CMR, Lt Col. Wm. Eyre, 73rd Regt, Lt Col. Josias Cloete and a captain on foot.
THEM 28 African Cattle (8 animals)
OR 25 Cape Mounted Rifles, galloping horses,


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