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Durgin Paint Forge: Neuer Kickstarter Preview

Bei Durgin Paint Forge wird an einem neuem Kickstarter gearbeitet.

Durgin Dream Big 1

Dream big!

This is it: on June 7th, not even time to breathe after having fulfilled the previous campaign, the new DPF journey shall begin!

Since I started this job, the three most popular questions I’ve been always asked are:

•“And do you think you can self-sustain your family, selling miniatures?“


•“Oh I love your minis but I’m not into wargame scale…will you ever produce a 75mm scale range?“

It took me a while, but after the success of the Elves campaign I had some extra money in my pocket so, rather than feed them to the Italian IRS (which has already devoured almost all my incomes), I decided to please my community and design a little range of big-scale figures.

In principle, this project should have been a little divertissement to start in October 2021, soon after the (according to the naive Matteo…) delivery of all the Elves‘ rewards.

Of course, this didn’t happen.

The delay of the previous KS campaign postponed this one as well because I didn’t want to open a new project without fulfilling the previous one: when I promote a new journey, I want the community to be happy and enthusiastic, I want some genuine hype and, at least, I want to feel good with myself.

The last thing I want is to promote a new project and see a wave of (legitimate) comments like „why didn’t you ship my reward?“ „where is my reward?“ „Send my reward or I’ll put pineapple on pesto!“ overwhelming any positive vibe.

So, here is why this campaign will start almost a year after the original schedule.

Well, let’s see the bright side: maybe this campaign has already paid its tribute to the Gods of Delays&Setbacks, and the incoming experience will be flawless.

Said so, I’ve already jumped on the KS creator rollercoaster, and my days are a constant sequence of delirium of omnipotence and raw panic: ordinary administration.

Despite my descending into madness, I’m so proud of how this range came: I love how the classic archetypes mix with the more delicate scenes.

I designed this range for painters and collectors, but above all I designed this range to tell a story and warm your heart: lunchtime is probably the most inspired kit I’ve ever imagined and I love every single detail of it.

Durgin Dream Big 2

As mentioned before, moreover, this project will also be an interesting chance to make some resized versions of our existing kits: Elf Clanchief, Iron Crow Sentinel A and Redcoat Admiral will be part of the game from day 1, but my dream is to collect enough funds to be able to make a 75mm version of the Elf Guardian and Iron Titan!

I know, it sounds too ambitious, but this range has been made to dream big (almost literally) so I want to babble a bit, I hope you understand.

At the moment I’m preparing all the tedious but crucial preliminary work on the campaign so, basically, I’m preparing the graphics, filming the video, deciding the number of rewards available, their prices and all those similar things: do you like this classy yellow vibe and these new improved 3Drenders? Let me know in the comments.

What do you expect from this campaign? What do you think would improve your backer experience?

In the next days, I’ll show you more details of the sculptures and I’ll spend some extra time properly presenting them, so if you want to know more about this project, check this blog!

Have you already spotted your favorite one?

Durgin Chilling 1

KS focus: „Chilling“

The first focus concerning the new kits designed for the incoming KS campaign could only have had one name: Durgin (and his beloved peka, Grud)!

This new incarnation of DPF mascot has been based on an illustration I commissioned almost 7 years ago that I never find a way to use:

Durgin Chilling 2

When I decided to make a big-scale range, I knew I had the chance to make not „only“ visually appealing characters full of intricate details, but I also had in front of me an opportunity to portray more narrative-oriented scenes and frame the classic fantasy subject in an unusual way.

I look at 75mm figures not only as big canvas to paint but also as real display pieces, even in their „raw“ nature of unpainted resin kits.

I made this conversation some years ago with an amazing sculptor, Valentin Zak (the owner of Ammon Miniatures and creator of many incredible masterpieces): in your opinion, 75mm (and above) sculpts don’t even need to be painted, because the sculpt itself worth to be displayed „as it is“.

The painter in me, I confess, was a bit triggered but the more I think about it, the more I agree with him. This, potentially, can open an interesting debate around the concept itself of miniature art, above all when we reason about big-scale figures that fall outside the gaming context, so they are essentially made to be displayed: would you display a 75mm kit, as it is, in your living room/hobby room?

I think that our houses are full of objects that are displayed without nobody thinking about painting them (I don’t know: vases, ornaments, my mother-in-law collects frames and display them without canvas inside..) so why not think about miniature kits as potential…design objects?

I think that with proper assembling, a nice and classy plinth and just a smooth overcoat of a color of your choice, a 75mm figure can be displayed and add a touch of creativity to your hobby room (or even your home!).

This convoluted thought brings us to the reason why I decided to design not only classic fantasy subjects (the tough Dwarf, the noble Elf, the towering Orc), but also more complex scenes, I’d dare to say more „little-dioramas“.

I wanted to portray something that anybody, whether is involved in this hobby or not, could understand and enjoy.

Durgin Chilling 3

I loved relaxed scenes based on daily life. It’s something that it’s not easy to see in the wargaming scale because 32mm figures generally are made to be inserted in wargames and boardgames, so „action“ is the watchword: for obvious reasons, a character designed to fit in a wargame must be coherent with that context. As I said above, this new dimension gives me the chance to explore the fantasy world I have in mind from a different perspective, so I asked myself: how do these characters behave when they are not involved in battle?

With this scene, I wanted to show another side of the daily life of Durgin the wanderer: if you spend most of your life outside, busy with a long and lonely quest, you need to take a nap and rest, once in a while.

I want to show, above all, the bond between the Dwarf and his peka: these creatures are highly taken into consideration by their owners, it’s not just a relationship between a beast of burden and the master, they are full members of the family.

This scene is essential, I didn’t want to put too many details on it: instead, I want to keep plain surfaces and let the painters interpret them as they wanted to.

If you like to paint with textures, this kit is made for you: fur, leather, glass, metals, wood, fabric, there are plenty of elements that are open to your personal taste.

This scene can be set as a nocturnal scene (as in the original illustration), or as an afternoon nap. Durgin is a free spirit, so I wanted this sculpt to reflect it and give you the same vibe.

Durgin Chilling 4 Durgin Chilling 5

„Chilling“ is something I wanted to make for a very long time, and I’m happy with how it came out. It has been printed at a slightly smaller size than a canonic 75mm scale (I printed about 15% smaller) because I feared that this subject would be too big and exhausting to paint, according to a proper 75mm scale, but I’m sure that you will be impressed by it (Grud is still a big boy, after all!). Moreover, Durgin and Grud are separate elements, so you can set this scene freely: maybe you can put Durgin resting towards a tree, or borrow the old Grud for another diorama.

I can’t wait to see your take on this kit!

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