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Cyber-Forge: Patreon Preview

Diesen Monat teilt ein Preview für den kommenden Monat.

Cyber Fist Tournament II February Release2 Cyber Fist Tournament II February Release3 Cyber Fist Tournament II February Release4 Cyber Fist Tournament II February Release1


Hello everyone!
We are in the middle of the month so it is time to show some more miniatures from the upcoming release!

Cyber Fist Tournament II – February Release

Last year’s tournament was a smash. Not only did it bring a show to remember but also the fighters got together to stop the Space Viking invasion in a badass style. For months, awed citizens have been asking for the second edition so everyone went insane when The Council announced it to become an annual event!

The rules stay the same. 1. Maximum 80% of body augmentation. 2. No ranged kinetic weapons. 3. Prepare to die. Even after you forfeit, the audience can decide to ‚cancel‘ you if the fight was not entertaining enough.

This time we will be featuring new future martial arts masters miniatures. On top of that, you will get the stadium board on which you can recreate and play out your own Cyber Fist Tournament!

Cyber Fist Mini Game

In this 2-player complete boardgame, the fighter models are coming with character cards with their unique attacks and defenses! You also get two decks of cards and the tokens to choose the strategy and order in which you will perform your battle! Find the strongest hero and win the cup!

TF Team

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