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Cyber Forge: Oktober Patreon

Dieser Monat ist vollgepackt bei Cyber Forge.

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Hmm… upgrades! Tons of new content in October Full Preview! Check it out!

Hello everyone!

Today we have the news of truly titanic proportions for you! As you know, the Cyber Forge team consists of hardcore sci-fi maniacs and we are deep into every existing subgenre. Our dream always has been to cover all of them. Today, we are making a huge step towards that goal!

This means that from now on, instead of ONE release…
You will be getting THREE action-packed releases each month at the same price!

Release 1 – Titan City
This release is what you know and love about Cyber Forge. You can still expect to receive a full range of miniatures that tell the tale of Titan City. Whether the city undergoes an invasion, a crisis, or a string of unsolved murders, we want to continue inspiring you to use the models for your RPG adventures and storytelling narratives.

Once we launch the second edition of GridWars (our cyberpunk skirmish wargame), the contents of Titan City Releases will also be frequently incorporated into the game. Each month we are creating some very captivating models that are begging for cool rules and being used on the grid.

Although the system was a bit dormant since the last campaign, we are planning to use our experience from Bloodfields to bring a new life into GridWars, especially thanks to all the positive reactions you have shared with us upon playing the game. We hope you will give it another go once the second edition comes!

Release 2 – Grim Realms – Wargaming
This separate release is dedicated to wargamers. Although not every one of you is into battle systems, from the data we have gathered, this is a large and vital part of Cyber Forge for many many Patrons.

The biggest change for this section is that Wargaming Releases will be extended over a couple of months at a time. What we have in mind, is fulfilling your need for completing entire wargaming armies consisting of Cyber Forge miniatures. As a result, in just a few releases, you will get a full range of models in one of the separate collections. The reinforcements are coming!

Release 3 – Hyperfront
For the longest time now, we have dreamt of space travel and creating starship models. The Hyperfront Release offers our first takes on cosmic fleets – The Eternal Alliance and The Remnants of Titan. But why stop there? Where there are space ships, there are space battles!

For the last couple of months, in preparation for the Hyperfront Release, we have been creating the rules and accessories for the Hyperfront game. You can expect to receive everything you need to play along with the models.

Moreover, new Hyperfront spaceships will be released each month, with dedicated rules and new space fleets to put forward in the cosmic arena. The game is quick, fun, and provides you with a proper feeling of maneuvering and launching deadly strikes in deep space.

Our main goal is to offer you incentives to print the 3d models from your growing collections and provide you with an exciting use for them. We hope you will give it a try and love it as much as we do!

And more!
Of course, continuously as it is now, you can always expect to get a huge range of bases and terrain to use in all your science-fiction adventures and projects, as well as any surprises and bonuses that we will be able to offer you in order to provide you with the best 3d printing experience on Patreon.


And now for the October Tales from Titan City

It is a shame that the search for new worlds and new homes almost always ends up in a total beatdown. It was not supposed to be like this. The not-for-private-profit Copernicus Foundation has aligned a Star Force consisting of dreamers, who wanted to explore themselves by exploring the galaxy. 

Reaching utopia is as easy as providing a shuttle (Copernicus), a trained underdeck crew (Star Force Crew), and a diverse cast of officers with noble motives, right? 

Science Officer Slog, half-human, half-snail, is a brilliant scientist known for his logical approach. He has cut his ties with life on solid ground by losing his shell. Now, he can finally call the cosmos his actual home.

Security Officer Ratf is always the first to defend the weak, oppressed, and less fortunate. His deep longing for order and justice manifests in a masterful use of his trusty weapon – the Rat’leth.

Dr. Copely, the Medicine Officer is an insectoid with a hard-earned degree. Despite an excellent bedside manner, his knowledge of caring for patients with skeletons located inside their bodies (as opposed to exoskeletons) is still lacking. 

And finally for the Star Force Captain, Benjamin Crockway, the first of his kind to ever become one. He is driven by the need to find his brother, who got deeply tired of civilized life and wanted to live by his more natural instincts. He cannot forgive himself that he let him get on a random spaceship to a random place. Maybe his brother got tired of eating his prey raw and drinking dirty water from a puddle? Maybe he can finally bring Crocogorn home?

The latest survey has taken the Star Crew to a planet beautiful and peaceful, if not for one detail. It is amidst a Dahar invasion or rather… infestation. Dahar are an evergrowing hive-race of replicators that convert populations by using advanced technology. In the Conversion Units, a healthy specimen’s muscle, bone, and neural tissue are compressed into a steel shell. Millions of Dahar, each identical and each in perfect sync grow stronger each day and will soon embark on a march towards total destruction. 

Passing by indifferently is not a choice. The Star Force will always risk their lives for total strangers. But how to stop Dahar? Using diplomacy, technology, brute force, sheer optimism? One thing is certain. One shuttle can make a difference!

CF Team

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  • Das ist ja schon wie one page.

    Einfach zu viel zeug das man evtl gar nicht will.

    Bei Titan Forge kauf ich lieber die zwei drei sachen die mich interessieren im Sale als den Patreon zu unterstützen und 90% mittelmäßigen Junk mitbzu bezahlen den icb nicht mal runterlade

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