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Cyber-Forge: Januar Patreon

Diesen Monat teilt seine Modelle für Januar.

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Hello everyone!

Christmas and New Year are close but before you log off for your holiday break, check out the full preview of the incoming RAW POWER January Release!

As the last year’s Space Vikings offensive was mistimed and encountered the resistance of the annual February Cyber Fist Tournament, this year the Queen Katrin Davidsdottir decided to lead it herself. It is a risky move, but she will be safe with Siege and Sara, The Protectors always at her side. On top of that, Tyhra the Searcher, her majesty’s royal spy was sent ahead to cover the reconnaissance. There is no place for mistakes.

To assure victory, the queen has reached out to Rukia Sorority (modular) led by Officer Rukia. Bloodthirsty mercenaries were eager to join their sisters-in-arms. With the Undertaker along their line carrying an eternal psionic archmother they will be invulnerable to any cybernetic attacks.

And in case all of that fails, the monumental avatar Vienn-Ava will oversee the battle and eliminate any flanking attempts. She is known to collapse entire buildings on top of the unsuspecting enemy troops.

According to the calculations, there is only one chance for the city’s defense, the prototype Avalanche aim-bot constructed by the prodigy engineer Camille Lipson. Her friend and first project, Red Talon, can set up the bot at the city’s watchtower and protect everyone from the lethal strike.

But will they succeed? Or will Christmas be ruined?
Check out the entire content of the release and see you soon with more updates!

Happy Printing!
TF Team

Quelle: Cyber-Forge Miniatures Patreon

BK-Herr Kemper

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  • Irgendwie zündet bei diesem Monat, bei mir, bei keiner Figur ein „haben will“ Moment.

    Irgendwie sind die alle so, mir fällt keine bessere Beschreibung ein, plump.

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