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Cyber-Forge: Februar Patreon

Diesen Monat teilt seine Modelle für Februar.

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Febraury Full Preview

Hello everyone!

Cyber Fist Tournament is coming back. Bigger, and Faster, and Stronger!

Last year’s tournament was a smash. Not only did it bring a show to remember but also the fighters got together to stop the Space Viking invasion in a badass style. For months, awed citizens have been asking for the second edition so everyone went insane when The Council announced it to become an annual event!

The rules stay the same. 1. Maximum 80% of body augmentation. 2. No ranged kinetic weapons. 3. Prepare to die. As even after you forfeit, the audience can decide to ‚cancel‘ you if the fight was not entertaining enough.

Now it is time to present the 2022 CFT Roster.

Mam-Ra Xan represents his own mixed martial zombie style. Experience is a superb teacher with one flaw typically – you lose all exp upon death. With Double-D (Death Defied) System, Xan can transfer his fighting capabilities onto the next shell. Although he has died in all previously entered tournaments, this can be the one in which his cumulated knowledge will grant him victory.

Louva-a-deus represents capoeira, a fighting style with ancient traditions. As there are not many capoeira masters left, when Besouro Verde was brutally eliminated from the last tournament, the art has suffered a huge loss, with many techniques becoming forgotten forever. Louva-a-deus is now fighting not only to avenge his brother but also to promote capoeira in hopes of new fighters and new techniques emerging.

Master Rodrigues for years has been perfecting his technique using a Korumu battle robot. Lately, during sparring, he realized he’s too old to compete. He never took a senpai but was programming all his moves into the robot. After some deliberation, Kuromu was approved to compete in the tournament but with a neural link that would assure that the master dies with his protege.

Although highly intelligent, as a non-humanoid alien, Newt was not approved to enter the Cyber Fist Tournament. The controversy around Kuromu gave him an idea to steal the neural link technology and enter the tournament using the body of Sanae Kanahebi, a lowlife criminal that had nothing to lose.

Rayment Twins are one entity in two bodies, a rare occurrence happening due to unexplained radiation in some parts of the cosmos. Many fighters feel a mental block regarding hitting a child but after receiving a couple of real punches and all side attacks, the rage takes over easily.

Morrigan 01 is a cyber cult scientist that has been obsessed with the Cyber Fist since the first edition. She took the rules to the letter and hacked her body into an ultimate killing machine designed to win the tournament. Will pure science be enough?

After some organizational issues with the first tournament, Ryan Ricksson has invested in the introduction of a couple of improvements to the Nitro Arena.

A BDU4 Body Disposal Unit will take care of what its name suggests. It has a surprise fail-safe installed by Ricksson that will turn it into a battle bot whose only mission is to prevent any damage to Rick’s new precious arena.

Service Bots will take care of the well-being of the contenders and guests. 

A prominent City Security Guard (modular) was formed and dispatched to protect the tournament from any threats, internal or extra-terrestrial.

The same as in the last year, there is a special Secret Contender from another dimension. Due to the spacetime continuum paradox, it will take around 2 weeks for his wave function to collapse. Only then we will be able to comprehend his fights that we have both seen and have not seen already.

Finally, the last year’s winner Kazuya Hameha is expected to return to defend his title. He is rumored to currently be on Borderlands, training by battling dinosaurs, which are becoming a huge menace that will have to be taken care of by the Titan City in one of the upcoming months.

Cyber Fist Mini-Game

In this 2-player complete board game, the fighter models are coming with character cards with their unique attacks and defenses! You also get two decks of cards and the tokens to choose the strategy and order in which you will perform your techniques!

The battles take place on the Nitro Arena. If you have already printed the arena last year, you are good to go and you may use the new additions to give it a make-over.

Choose your favorite fighter and PREPARE TO DIE!

Cheers! TF Team

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    • Hatten sie letztes Jahr schon.

      Titan Forge hat zwar einen hohen out put an Miniaturen schwankender Qualität. Aber man kann ihnen nicht vorwerfen, dass sie besonders kreativ sind was die Quelle ihrer Inspiration angeht…

  • Ich habe letztens erst ein paar ihrer Figuren ausgedruckt und muss leider gestehen, dass ich sie nicht brauchen kann. Gerade neben Hersteller wie Loot Studios etc wirken ihre Miniaturen nochmal extra klobig und breit. Sehr schade, denn die Security Force da wäre an sich genial.

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