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Cyber-Forge: April

Im Monat April wird es bei Cyber-Forge pulpig – die Insel des Dr. Maneater!

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Hello everyone!

The new release is right around the corner so check out the full preview of this twisted cyber collection!

The Borderland was supposed to reemerge as the land of tomorrow. Instead, it is lost. The dust has fallen after vicious battles between noble houses. Every scrap of terrain has been claimed and paid for in blood. The desert was butchered and divided between aristocrats, nomads, rebels, criminals, trading alliances, and everyone who managed to reap a small part for themself. One of them is Dr. Maneater.

Once a brilliant geneticist working in the high-tech towers of Titan City, now a cannibalistic madman, plotting his revenge. He used to work on altering the human genome with an ancient sequence harvested from the most powerful creatures to ever live on Earth. Since man has met many alien races through space travel, humanity was no longer considered to be on the top of the food chain, the apex predators. This had to change. 

Maneater’s plans posed a grave threat to the council’s and Ryan Rickssons business. Co-existence with aliens and exploiting each other’s needs was quite lucrative. That’s why the doctor was targeted with manufactured plots and scandals that led to his defamation followed by bankruptcy. In the end, he was banished to the desert and expected to perish. 

But he prevailed. He managed to take a part of the land for himself by surrounding it with a lake of toxic waste. That’s how the Island of Dr. Maneater was born. In his new asylum, he continued his research. His first success was a human-dinosaur hybrid that he called Dino-mongrels. The army of minions had just a partial intelligence but managed the basic tasks. This breakthrough has opened the doors for Maneater’s greatest invention – the revival of Dinosaur Laser Beasts. The Titan City will soon bow down to their genetically modified superiority. 

Unless… There are three people who can stop him. They all came to the Island separately and for different reasons but once witnessing the macabre, they heroically decided to join forces and blast the whole place down.

Anna Jones heard about the experiments that took place on the Island and decided to go there in search of a cure for her younger sister’s genetic condition. Worst case scenario, she figured the equipment is worth a great deal and she could pawn it on the black market.

The toxins from the lake surrounding the island have melted through the sand and reached a small bunker inhibited by isolationists. These people hated the outside world but were not yet too depressed to do anything about it and started an underground community. The bunker elders have chosen Mufasa Quallin to locate the source of toxins and save their recluse.

Lone desert wolf Jake Rockatacky was tasked with maintaining law and order on the roads of Borderlands by one of the nobles but has quickly become a self-proclaimed, chaotic good sheriff who answered to no one. In his Cadillac, the Ambusher, he watches over innocent. Currently, the road took him to the Island to search for missing people and investigate the rumors of weird experiments and cannibalism.

Will the trio succeed? Or is it all for nothing anyway as the Borderland’s horizon is becoming infested with strange tall figures appearing out of nowhere. The locals call them the Warmongers because they carelessly attack anything in sight. Their origin and their motives are yet to be discovered. Is another world-ending scenario dawning on the sands? You will have to find out for yourself as we are preparing something brand new for the next release on Cyber Forge!

Stay tuned and Stay Cyber!

Cheers, CF Team

Quelle: Cyber-Forge Miniatures Patreon

BK-Herr Kemper

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  • Meiner Meinung nach liegen Welten zwischen Cyber- und Titan-Forge. Finde es merkwürdig, dass es innerhalb eines Unternehmens so massive Qualitätsunterschiede gibt.

    • Mal abgesehen davon, das sie scheinbar verschiedene Freelancer haben, worin liegen Welten?

      • In erster Linie was den Detailgrad angeht. Zumindest auf den Fotos sieht es so aus, als hätten beispielsweise die Dinomongrels wenige und verwaschene Texturen. Die Modelle des Fantasysegments hingegen haben gestochen scharfe Details. Vielleicht liegt es auch nur an der Art und Weise des Renderns und ausgedruckt sehen sie viel besser aus, weswegen ich hier auch nur meine eigene subjektive Meinung äußere. Das soll nun auch kein Bashing sein, da ich Titan-Forge gut finde und seit über einem Jahr deren Fantasysparte unterstütze.

    • Das gar nicht so merkwürdig wie es scheint.

      Titanforge kauft die Modellierung vorwiegend extern ein, nur einen Teil machen sie selbst, und geben auch nur die Marschrichtung vor. Was leider oft auf eine halbgare ip copy (hier cadilacs and dinosaurs) plus bissle 40k rip off hinauslaufen zu scheint.

      Sie sind da aber nicht allein Raging Heros heuert übrigens auch externe an, die unter anderem das Artisan Guild „Team“.

  • erinnert mich an „Cadillacs and Dinosaurs“ und „Dinoraiders“
    beides schöne Serien 😉

  • Die Cyber-Dinos find ich richtig klasse! Passen auch saugut zu „StarFrontiers“ (uraltes RPG).. 😀

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