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Crooked Dice: Neuheiten

Crooked Dice wagen sich erneut in die Popkultur der 80er Jahre mit drei Neuheiten und es gibt Kavallerie aus dem Colony 87 Kickstarter sind frei erhältlich.

Crooked Dice Cyborg Enforcer 1 Crooked Dice Cyborg Enforcer 2

Cyborg Enforcer – 5,00 GBP

Cyborg Enforcers can come in many forms. Is this titanium-framed killing machine clothed in vat-grown flesh, a bionic astronaut, a troubled synthetic android who weeps and bleeds, a deceased cop wired into a cybernetic exoskeleton, or a unique artificial lifeform struggling to comprehend the human condition?

Supplied with alternate head on sprue.

Crooked Dice Demonic Dogs

Demonic Dogs – 8,00 GBP

The Demonic Dog is a terrifying, savage quadruped ranging in size from an unearthly husky dog through to an other-dimensional hell hound the size of a pony. It can leap across busy traffic in a single bound and bite through bone.

Crooked Dice Kolonel Zanzibar 1 Crooked Dice Kolonel Zanzibar 2

Kolonel Zanzibar – 5,00 GBP

Colonel Zanzibar is one of the most successful drug lords on Golgo Island, providing all sorts of entertainment to the few who can afford his fine products – and enslavement to thousands of others. He is a ruthless leader and a fierce combatant whose personal army has gained increasing control over the savage lands.

This figure comes with an alternate helmeted head.

Crooked Dice Caravan Riders

Caravan Riders – 10,00 GBP

Travelling the Dog Wastes alone is treacherous. Tour buses of holidaymakers venture no further than the Gustyven archipelago for a scenic view across the plains at the shattered remnants of the Maran-Chi ruins. However, protection for the Long Tail Caravan is provided by the Chirroc Outriders.

Their domesticated Kenlenken mounts known as Chirroc, are perfectly adapted to the brutal terrain of the Wastes. Led by Duty Marshall Bertand Teague, these veteran outlanders repel Gasbag raiders and avoid Sandmaws, and see this vast travelling community safely between the waystations of the Dust Tides.

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