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Crooked Dice: 7TV Dracula Kickstarter

7TV Dracula ist der Name des aktuellen Kickstarter von Crooked Dice.

7TV Dracula – 28mm gothic horror miniatures & rules

Play a blood-chilling skirmish campaign charting Bram Stoker’s gothic masterpiece – fighting for the very soul of humanity!


To celebrate 125 years of Dracula, Crooked Dice Game Design Studio hope to fund the production of skirmish rules, scenarios and miniatures for our popular 7TV cinematic skirmish system – set in Bram’s Stoker’s gothic novel.

It’s also the ideal starting game for players new to 7TV, with a special pledge designed with beginners in mind.

Included are:

  • The 7TV DRACULA CORE RULES – a unique hardback collector’s edition of 7TV Fantasy that allows you to play the scenarios in the Feature Pack.
  • The 7TV DRACULA FEATURE PACK – five skirmish scenarios that challenge players to explore the characters, locations and gothic themes of the novel.
  • Over 30 highly detailed 28mm white metal MINIATURES. Sculpts have been brought to life by the very talented Ernst Veingart and Ari Níelsson.
  • And if we are successful, we have a number of STRETCH GOALS that include freebies and add-ons of even more figure sculpts, more accessory and profile cards and extra content for the feature pack and core rules!

7TV Dracula 1


In this campaign, we are aiming to appeal to existing 7TV fans and to new players alike, by making 7TV Dracula as flexible a gaming and Kickstarter experience as possible. 

Pledges and add-ons have been designed to enable backers to play the game both standalone or simply ‚plug-and-play‘ with their existing 7TV rulesets – so hopefully something to suit all tastes and budgets!

To help you find the perfect pledge and navigate the options, try finding what best suits your interests below.

7TV Dracula 2


In this pack, players can pit their wits in a series of linked adventures – a blood-chilling campaign charting Bram Stoker’s gothic masterpiece!

Play a cast of heroic vampire hunters or the forces of darkness controlled by the diabolic Count Dracula. Recreate epic clashes in Transylvania, Whitby, the Westenra Tomb, Carfax Abbey and Castle Dracula. The feature pack includes bespoke chapters, characters and artifacts – plus adds new mechanics inspired by the classic novel.

7TV Dracula 3


Packaged in a retro VHS case, this Feature Pack for 7TV Fantasy is our biggest yet! It is packed with an 80 page episode guide, 36 new profile cards, new status tokens and over 60 original accessory cards – all beautifully illustrated by Dave Needham!

7TV Dracula 4

It provides everything you need to play this gothic edition of 7TV including how to use the new diurnal deck and epistolary cards and rules for new Dracula-specific statuses – Bitten and Horrified!

The episode guide details the five chapters, and goes behind the scenes to explore the making of a 1970s television adaptation of Dracula that never was!


7TV Dracula 6

Crowdfunding this project gives us an opportunity to offer an optional standalone version of the 7TV rules – handy for those new to the world of 7TV and a lovely collector’s edition for diehard fans. 

The 7TV Dracula Core Rules draws together the skirmish rules you will need to play the 7TV Dracula Feature Pack – using the familiar mechanics from the 7TV Fantasy boxed set.

7TV Dracula 7

This special collector’s edition was born from the desire to introduce a whole new audience to 7TV – through a shared love of Dracula and playing games.

Presented in a single volume and a new handy print size (US Royal, 229 x 152mm), this deluxe hardback is printed on 150gsm stock and threadsewn to last until the 200th anniversary of Dracula – and beyond! A must for 7TV and gothic horror fans alike! Included are:

  • An Introduction by Dacre Stoker – author and great-grand nephew of Bram Stoker.
  • Fully compatible with the 7TV Fantasy rules. All the content from the Director’s Guide is included – but material from the Producer’s and Casting Guides have been condensed or removed for this tailored edition.
  •  New rules and mechanics specially written for this gothic edition – including how to use the new diurnal deck and epistolary cards and rules for new Dracula Specific statuses – Bitten and Horrified!
  • Beautiful new line art from illustrator Dave Needham and sumptuous paintings by Ste Brotherstone!

PLUS we have planned stretch goals to add exclusive content!

7TV Dracula 8

Whitby map – illustrated by Dave Needham.

7TV Dracula 9

Core Rules sample layouts – illustrated by Dave Needham and paintings by Ste Brotherstone.


This campaign hopes to fund over 30 new sculpts designed to use with the feature pack – but also suitable for any victorian or horror gaming. Miniatures will be cast in white metal, with larger figures and small terrain pieces cast in resin.

7TV Dracula 10

All Crooked Dice miniatures are 28mm scale. This means they are 28mm from the base of the foot to eye – so stand approximately 32mm tall. Comparable ranges are Hasslefree, Copplestone and Artizan.

7TV Dracula 11



While 7TV is miniature agnostic, the range for this Kickstarter has been designed to support the game with miniatures for as many of the characters and troops as possible. Plus we have tried to use existing models from the Crooked Dice range.

So for the discerning gamer, here is a breakdown of models by scenario to help you plan your games. Some will hopefully be unlocked as the campaign goes on!

7TV Dracula 37


There are a range of pledges to suit every budget! There are SEVEN simple pledges to choose from:

  • Gold of all types – just show your support and crooked love! Also use this pledge if you just want to include Add-Ons.
  • PDF Only – You will receive a digital download of the 7TV Dracula Core Rules and Feature Pack which will include all bonus game content unlocked through stretch goals.
  • Miniature Only Pledge – eight gothic miniatures cast in white metal!
  • Feature Pledge – Just receive the Feature Pack in all its retro VHS glory!
  • Director Pledge – You will receive the Feature Pack PLUS the eight white metal miniatures!
  • Producer Pledge – You will receive the Feature Pack PLUS the eight white metal miniatures PLUS the 7TV Dracula Core Rules PLUS the PDF bundle for a great discount!
  • All-In Pledge – Everything in the Producer Pledge PLUS ALL STRETCH GOALS regardless of them being unlocked – and a free set of Tokens & Templates – for a bumper saving!

7TV Dracula 12 7TV Dracula 13 7TV Dracula 14 7TV Dracula 15 7TV Dracula 16 7TV Dracula 17

Stretch Goals:

There’s always room for some extra rewards! So as a thank you to our loyal backers, we have some more goodies that will hopefully get unlocked along the way. At key milestones, your contributions will unlock:

  • FREE BONUS RULE STRETCH GOALS – these are upgrades to the core Feature Pack and Core Rules such as extra game content – accessory cards and scenarios.
  • PAID ADD-ONs for new miniature packs to add to your base pledge.

7TV Dracula 18


  • 4k – UNLOCKED! FREE! Bonus A3 Movie Poster upgrade in each Feature Pack!
  • 6k – UNLOCKED! ADD ON Rat Pack. Just add £8 to your pledge to include two 40mm resin rat swarms in your rewards.
  • 8k – UNLOCKED! FREE! The Dracula profile card is upgraded to an A6 card in each Feature Pack!
  • 10k – UNLOCKED! ADD-ON Borgo Pass Tribesman! Just add £15 to your pledge to include these four white metal models in your rewards.
  • 12k – UNLOCKED! FREE! Bonus heroic artifact cards added to each Feature Pack!
  • 14k – UNLOCKED! ADD-ON Wolf Pack! Just add £15 to your pledge to include these four white metal models in your rewards.
  • 16k – UNLOCKED! FREE! Bonus villainous artifact cards added to each Feature Pack!
  • 18k – LOCKED! ADD-ON The Great Dog. Just add £6 to your pledge to include this white metal model in your rewards.

7TV Dracula 19 7TV Dracula 20 7TV Dracula 21 7TV Dracula 22 7TV Dracula 23 7TV Dracula 24 7TV Dracula 25 7TV Dracula 26

Add Ons:

As new Add-Ons get unlocked, they will be added to each pledge level as optional extras. Purchasing these helps drive the funding total higher and unlocks more goodies! Don’t forget that you can also over-pledge for any – OR ALL – of the Add-Ons right now!

To include any Add-Ons follow the instructions below – ideally using Option One.


You will find Add-Ons listed under the Manage Your Pledge/Change Your Pledge buttons.

  • Simply pick the items you would like and it will add up the final pledge value for you – easy!
  • Using this method is also very useful in processing your pledge – so highly recommended.


Alternatively, you can just add the value of the product using Manage Your Pledge too.


Included here are both new packs, some of which will be added as we unlock them during the campaign. There is also an opportunity to add miniatures from the existing Crooked Dice Horror range. Feel free to browse the website for all our horror products.

For backers who just want miniatures – or want to purchase single packs  – just follow the instruction above to add these to your pledge to get these rewards.

7TV Dracula 27 7TV Dracula 28 7TV Dracula 29


These packs of miniatures are already in production, but can be added to your rewards – as can the value of any items from the Crooked Dice website. NOTE: Back catalogue items are not considered Stretch Goals, and are not included in any core pledges. Use the Manage Your Pledge function to add these seperately to your rewards.

7TV Dracula 30 7TV Dracula 31 7TV Dracula 32 7TV Dracula 33 7TV Dracula 34 7TV Dracula 35 7TV Dracula 36


As a long standing mail order business with a successful web store, we ship packages all over the world, every day. So you can rest assured that your parcels are in good hands and will reach you safely.

We always try and charge a flat rate – or pack in multiple parcels if cheaper for you – but as I am sure you have you may be aware shipping costs have risen significantly in recent times – especially to Rest of the World and the USA.

The shipping will be added AFTER the Kickstarter, so is not included in your pledge. Shipping cost will be calculated by weight and size of your pledge plus any variables that you may add in the webstore. Where this requires multiple small parcels to fulfil, additional costs may be required. All pledges requiring shipping in a small parcel.

Crooked Dice are not responsible for any additional shipping, handling or custom charges.

7TV Dracula 38

Die Kampagne ist bereits finanziert und läuft noch 12 Tage.

Quelle: 7TV Dracula – 28mm gothic horror miniatures & rules


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