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Battlysystems: Core Space Neuheiten & News

Battlesystems veröffentlichen Neuheiten für Core Space.

This month’s releases for Core Space are all about ships, and ships of the space variety to be precise!

Importantly, these new ships can all make the journey from the Galactic Core to First Born space and back again – this month’s releases work with both the original game and Core Space First Born, so no matter which you are playing you can make use of these new expansions.

All of these sets are now shipping!

Battlegrounds 04 2022 3 Battlegrounds 04 2022 4

Ships of Disrepute upgrades your crews with Enhanced Ship Dashboards, representing large, customisable ships with a wide range of abilities that directly affect your games. Your crew left on board can now take part in the game, and having such a prestigious ship brings with it powerful new reputation mechanics – can you become famous? Or infamous…?

This set contains everything required for up to two players to upgrade their crews.

Battlegrounds 04 2022 5

Got more than two players? No problem.

Additional ship dashboards are available separately, complete with all of the new overlays and tokens you’ll need to customise your ship.

Battlegrounds 04 2022 6

The Patrol Class Shuttle is a brand new vehicle for your Core Space crew. It makes an awesome terrain piece with a fully detailed interior, but can also be purchased as an upgrade in game to get you out of (or into!) a tight spot. It comes complete with equipment tokens and a mission booklet.

If you’ve already got the original shuttle, this new design one will add some variety to your hangar bay!

Maladum Game Preview

Our upcoming fantasy miniatures game Maladum: Dungeons of Enveron is nearing completion, and the latest article on our blog goes into detail about exactly what you can expect from the game.

Battlegrounds 04 2022 1 Battlegrounds 04 2022 2

Please comment on the blog to let us know what you think, or post your questions and feedback in the new Maladum Facebook group. Alternatively, you can email us directly. We can’t wait to hear what you think!

Of course, the new game isn’t just about the rules – it will also have a plethora of fantasy miniatures and a whole new dungeon terrain range too. More info is coming soon. Stay subscribed for the latest updates!

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