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Conquest: Bound Clones

Nachschub für die Spire in Conquest: die Bound Clones.

Conquest BoundClones 01 Conquest BoundClones 02 Conquest BoundClones 03

Spires: Bound Clones (Dual Kit) – 39,99 €

Lacking the mental prowess to join the Directory or the beauty to serve the Lineages directly as domestics, the vast majority of clones decanted find their way into the ranks of the Bound, the professional forces each Sovereign Lineage keeps on retainer. Clothed, fed, equipped, and trained at the Lineage’s expense, these soldiers are kept on standby for those tasks that require a fully cognizant mind and could not be entrusted to a servile drone. This should not lead one to think that their lives mean more to their masters, but rather that their masters expect more for the investment into their continued existence.

In Game Role

●    Battlefield Role: Mainstay Infantry
●    Class: Medium
●    Type: Infantry

Dual Kit. 12 Plastic Miniatures (Bound Clones/Onslaught Drones, with the option of making their respective command models)

3 Infantry Plastic Stands

12 Bases

2 Command Cards

Quelle: Para Bellum Wargames


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