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Comet Lord Miniatures: Dezember Patreon

Auch diesen Monat gibt es neues beim Patreon von Comet Lord Miniatures.

Comet Lord Dezember Patreon 1

December 2022 Release Preview

Summary of the previews for December!

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Margo, The Orphan of Set

Hey everyone,

Here is the last preview for December- The last miniature of 2022 and one of my more ambitious projects.

Here is ‚ Margo, The Orphan of Set


When Edyn and the planes of existence surrounding it were formed, they were hollow and incomplete. Slowly they populated by the stray thoughts of Set coalescing on their own.

However, entities of notable importance required direct influence of Set. When The Comet Lord reached The High Heavens, he would make the first mistake of these worlds. He would create a being of absolute law and good.

He watched as his creation grew into a terrible force.. This being would be known as Margo.

After countless atrocities commited in the name of good, a realization was made. Set understood that absolute good is indistinguishable from evil.

The conflict brought about by Margo would lead to the end of these worlds if they were left unchecked. Set appeared before his creation and could not undo what he had wrought. Instead, he banished it to the space between realms in hopes that it would meet oblivion.

However, Margo’s influence was never truly severed from the world of Edyn. Instead of direct intervention, Margo would act as all other divinity and simply empower those worthy of their power. Over the ages, several individuals would earn the title of Saint of Margo.

With such power, all were regarded as mighty heroes of the light or great archpriests of divine orders. Until the last of their saints abused the power given – showing Margo that even their power can fall to corruption.

The Last Saint of Margo was an ambitious priest of a golden city, through their devotion they climbed the ranks of the order. At the pinnacle of the order, he was granted the power of Margo. With this he could extend his will upon the order, the city and beyond. Soon after his ascension, it became apparent that he was not pure of heart and wielded Margo’s power for his own.

He harnessed it and bound it to himself so it would never leave his grasp. With stolen power, he fueled his desire for the dark arts with divine magic. He weaved the light and dark into powerful spells that would eventually consume him and his order. Margo’s retribution came as a great sundering as the city was severed from the mainland and left isolated in The Great Sea.

As Margo, this city and it’s people were soon forgotten until they returned to the rest of the world anew. A new order was built by the Saint wielding power stolen from The Orphan of Set. His Holiness, The Anointed One, The Grand Pontiff, The Last Saint of Margo – Saint Maximilliano and his Perpetual Order of The City of Absentia.

Miniature Information

This ‚miniature‘ sits on a Gargantuan (101.6mm/4inch) base.

It also functions as a tree topper for Christmas!

Comet Lord Dezember Patreon 13 Comet Lord Dezember Patreon 14

Test Print

This was quite the build, so I wanted to make sure it actually worked as both a miniature and tree topper.

Usually everything gets test printed, I’ve had this printed twice this month – it works though!

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The Apotheosis of Man

Hey everyone,

Here. We. Go.

Another preview for December – The Apotheosis of Man.


Harnessing Dark Aether is a path to unfathomable power.

The planes of existence depend on the balance of Aether and Dark Aether, the basic energy that all magic uses. When one is taken, the other must take it’s place. When the balance of the world begins to return, the planes of existence become infused with the excess aether. However, when something is infused with immense amounts of Dark Aether, it twists and distorts it’s form – reflecting some semblance of what lies within their heart.

Deep in the heart of The Supremacy, the flagship of The Eisenreich aerial fleet.

The ship had been sundered– no, reality itself was shattered for but a moment. The aether fuelled lights flicker erratically as the dust begins to settle. The colossal ship groans as the metal frame around the aether engine shifts back into place. Slowly the aether returns to the air as the party’s sorcerer feels their power return like air returning to their suffocating lungs. The rest of the party feels their powers slowly return, but something else came back from the shattering.

The dust in the chamber nearly settled, but it is whipped up again as tentacles writhe around in the dark where High Sovereign Kresnik once stood. Slowly strange wings with eyes unfold from the mass on the floor revealing a winged humanoid form kneeling surrounded by writhing tentacles.

Slowly it’s form rises from the floor. A deep layered voice that resembled Kresnik’s emanates from the being.

“I have seen beyond the veil and witnessed what lies in the dark between stars. I was wrong – humanity is but a stepping stone.
They will not understand what I have become – because they can’t. They are far too simple, weak and insignificant. I am the pinnacle of this existence, I am
The Apotheosis of Man.”

The figure psionically lifts itself as it’s terrible wings extend out fully revealing what Kresnik has become. Something angelic or aberrant – or are they truly the same thing? As if summoning his old greatswords from a nightmarish realm of existence, his blade appear in their twisted new form from rifts of dark aether. Each blade extended and expanded by flesh and bone – each a living entity of their own.

The power returns to the ship as the party and Kresnik are bathed in pulsing red emergency lights. The engine core has suffered irreparable damage and the ship would soon fall back to Edyn. The chamber shakes and groans as the ship begins to slowly tear itself apart under it’s own weight.

As the war wages outside, they can hear the muffled sounds of cannons and magic battering the hull of The Supremacy. Everyone can feel gravity shift as the bow of the ship begins to fall.
The Party and The Apotheosis know that time is running out. They know that only one side can leave this place alive and the fate of Edyn is at stake.

Miniature Information

  • This mini sits on a Huge (76.2mm/3inch) base.
  • It comes with Wingless version and Tentacles only version.
  • This also comes with a bust and a floating blade – both left and right versions.

Comet Lord Dezember Patreon 25 Comet Lord Dezember Patreon 26 Comet Lord Dezember Patreon 27 Comet Lord Dezember Patreon 28 Comet Lord Dezember Patreon 29 Comet Lord Dezember Patreon 30 Comet Lord Dezember Patreon 31 Comet Lord Dezember Patreon 32 Comet Lord Dezember Patreon 33 Comet Lord Dezember Patreon 34 Comet Lord Dezember Patreon 35 Comet Lord Dezember Patreon 36 Comet Lord Dezember Patreon 37

Sovereign Ulrich Van Kresnik

Hey everyone,

The next preview – The Sovereign of Eisenreich, Ulrich Van Kresnik.


The head of leadership of Eisenreich is High Sovereign Ulrich Van Kresnik. A battle-worn hero and brilliant mind turned politician that has elevated Eisenreich to a military superpower.

He leads with multiple advisors that govern magic, artificery, military and trade. Together they work towards making Eisenreich a prosperous nation.

Since his rise to power, he has grown obsessed with the ascension of man. He and his advisors have made leaps in the advancement of artificery – in the hopes of empowering their people against supernatural threats. From dragons, giants to elves and dwarves – all are considered threats to their existence.

This pursuit for power or a higher state of existence has lead to pushing the limits of their experiments. He himself has been enhanced with psionic powers allowing him to wield large weapons with his mind. To what lengths they have gone to obtain these powers is only known by a few.
These experiments now extend to the far reaches of the multiverse. They reach to powers that are incomprehensible and unfathomable, in hopes to find ascension. What has come from these experiments is kept behind closed doors and known by few. Whispers tell of constructs infused with aberrant life and sorcerers wielding otherwordly power or even harnessing the dark between stars.

His archaeological research teams have found that the material plane is far more linked to the realms beyond than they ever could have imagined. Ancient murals carved in long forgotten temples reveal as such. The unimaginable power to create and anchor entire planes of existence is that of the gods. A power that Kresnik intends to obtain for himself.

Now, Kresnik has made the first move to initiate the beginning of a new war. In his pursuit for power, he intends to show the rest of Edyn the newfound might of Eisenreich.

Miniature Information

  • Kresnik stands on a Medium (25.4mm/1inch) base.
  • He comes in 4 poses.
  • Each comes with/without the cape. Pose 3 also includes a spell casting variant.
  • It also comes with a bust and spiritual weapon.

Comet Lord Dezember Patreon 38 Comet Lord Dezember Patreon 39 Comet Lord Dezember Patreon 40 Comet Lord Dezember Patreon 41 Comet Lord Dezember Patreon 42 Comet Lord Dezember Patreon 43 Comet Lord Dezember Patreon 44 Comet Lord Dezember Patreon 45 Comet Lord Dezember Patreon 46 Comet Lord Dezember Patreon 47 Comet Lord Dezember Patreon 48 Comet Lord Dezember Patreon 49 Comet Lord Dezember Patreon 50 Comet Lord Dezember Patreon 51 Comet Lord Dezember Patreon 52 Comet Lord Dezember Patreon 53 Comet Lord Dezember Patreon 54 Comet Lord Dezember Patreon 55 Comet Lord Dezember Patreon 56 Comet Lord Dezember Patreon 57 Comet Lord Dezember Patreon 58 Comet Lord Dezember Patreon 59 Comet Lord Dezember Patreon 60 Comet Lord Dezember Patreon 61 Comet Lord Dezember Patreon 62 Comet Lord Dezember Patreon 63 Comet Lord Dezember Patreon 64 Comet Lord Dezember Patreon 65

Eisenreich Soldiers

Hey everyone,

Lets start off simple… It’ll ramp up a bit with the previews this month.

Here is the first of the December previews – The Soldiers of Eisenreich!


Eisenreich is a human-centric nation that is known for it’s advanced military including firearm based weapons, complex mechanical constructs and more. It is home to mostly humans or other races that have proven themselves useful or lack the ability to leave willingly – like the Forgeborn.

Their military is enhanced with artificery and other magics to make them extremely deadly compared to your average soldier. They are recognized by their blackened plate armour, mechanized armblades and/or rifles.
Those that have faced them describe their troops as highly organized and efficient. These faceless soldiers march in near perfect synchronization – as if constructs themselves.

Under the control of Sovereign Ulrich Van Kresnik- The Eisenreich leadership has maintained keeping their people ignorant as they blame the other races of Edyn for the decline of their homeland. Specifically, the claim that the elves of Valenthalas have cursed their lands for past transgressions.

The lands of Eisenreich are rich in ore, but little else. Agriculture produces the bare minimum to feed the nation. Their once beautiful forests have now grown twisted and dark. Wide rivers have turned into small streams, great lakes into ponds and the once fertile earth is now stained black in most areas. Once rolling hills have since been excavated for their natural resources. All that is left is scars in the earth and any natural wildlife that remains struggles to survive.

These struggles fought by the average citizen of Eisenreich has made them a tight knit community that is always willing to help their community when they are able. Unfortunately, this has also made them secluded from the rest of the world – exactly as planned.

What most people of Edyn see of Eisenreich is the looming walls that border it. The borders of Eisenreich are heavily fortified as each road is maintained by legions of soldiers, deadly constructs and massive siege cannons.

Rumours have told that the upper echelons of Eisenreich’s leadership have begun to experiment in the occult and far beyond. Including strange constructs that house aberrant forms from beyond or making attempts to ascend humanity to a higher form of existence.

Miniature Information

  • These stand on Medium (25.4mm/1inch) bases.
  • Each comes with a rifle or armblade version. There is also an alternate with the rifle version with the sheathed armblade removed.
  • There are 6 poses for the regular soldier.
  • There are 3 poses for the captain soldier.

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