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Cobramode: Januar Neuheiten

Cobramode zeigt die Januar-Modelle.

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Cobramode – Januar Neuheiten

Happy New Year to all our wonderful patrons! It truly can’t be said enough how thankful we are for your support, enthusiasm, and positive energy. Erin and I would never be able to do this without you, and even 23 collections in, we still get excited every time people post their paints, prints, and dioramas. It’s just cool to see our creativity inspiring more creativity out in the community, and I hope everyone will keep showing off their work on Facebook, Reddit, Discord, Instagram, and everywhere in between! Which reminds me, our Cobra Corps Weekly Painting Club will be starting a new model soon. If you want to join in, make sure to connect your Discord account to Patreon so you can join in the CobraChat every Thursday at 7pm CT.

It’s surreal to think about how far we’ve come in the last year. This time last year, Erin and I were getting ready to go to Colombia, and thinking of slowly traveling through South America for the remainder of the year while we built up the Patreon. Instead we came back to the US and bought a 25 foot shuttle bus, and have been slowly converting it into an off-grid capable RV and mobile office (dubbed, The CobraBus). We’re still working on it, but hopefully soon we will be able to get on the road and be in some warmer climates than Northern Minnesota offers…

This month’s minis are all from the Kutugha Steppe, mainly the home of the Ariche, and the newly discovered boar-people, the Goksagu. The Goksagu are some-times enemies of the Ariche, due to their nature-destroying mines and refineries, while the Ariche worship nature-gods and have deep ties to the land. The three little pigs seem to have a lot of patron fans though, so we’ll be sure to expand on them in future months 😉 In the rush to post the previews, I realized that I left out some of the awesome concept art that Paul Ferret made for us. Make sure to look at all the images in the post to see those too! Special thanks to Dewbug, who is our resident Ariche scholar/fan, and the one who has been pushing for Boarzerkers pretty much since he joined 🤣

We have 32 custom bases again this month, in circular and square format, courtesy of the fabulous TheBetaMarie! She also helped sculpt some of the details on the Ariche Beast Riders, including elements of the pack and clothing (although the „signature feature“ of the Ariche was added by Yours Truly). And lovely renders were done by Calrais, as usual.

On the cloud storage site front, we’re working out a bug that stops patrons from being able to download some of the months. Once that’s worked out, I’ll slowly open up the site to 100-200 patrons at a time so that we don’t get swamped by the bugs that are sure to pop up as people start using it. Fingers crossed that it’s a relatively painless fix, and we’ll be on our feet soon!

If you want to read our full lore, check out the CobraCompendium, which also has our collection listings at the end of the document.

This month’s Lore:

Berke – Ariché Stalker
Berke is a huntress who rides a steppe lion, skilled at stealthily stalking her prey. Extremely stubborn and fiery, it’s no wonder she won the heart of the Ariché Berserker, Arkhan. She primarily uses her spear for hunting, although the hatchet does come in handy in close quarters. Her steppe lion, Shria, is rather menacing – with her elongated jaws and sharp, powerful claws, she is capable of taking down a young Burilgi. But Shria is much more comfortable sneaking up on her prey than directly confronting it, which she does exceedingly well.

Qorchi and Sube – Ariche Beast Riders
Qorchi, using his spear on the front, and Sube, using the glaive on the back, fight together while mounted on their Trogon Steppe Beast. These two hard-headed brothers frequently bicker about the best course of action, but are surprisingly in-step when it’s time for battle. While the bulky Trogon may look slow, it can reach speeds of 30mph even while carrying two riders. It is a generally placid animal, however, and its usual steady pace and strength make it a hardy long-distance pack animal.

Goksagu – Boar People

Scattered throughout the Kutugha Steppe are many forests unconnected to each other, but populated with the Goksagu, the Boar People of the Steppe. While the Ariche do not bother them in their forests, the Goksagu frequently venture out into the plains for their massive mining and smelting operations. Skilled metalsmiths, they have some of the most technologically advanced techniques for creating alloys in the known world. However, their crude sense of design often means that traders and merchants prefer to get raw materials from them, rather than finished goods.

Gokcho, Chotai, and Ergak – Goksagu Berserkers
These three little piggies are a rough and tumble gang of veteran fighters. Having fought many battles against both the larger-bodied Ariche, and opposing tribes of crafty Goksagu, these chunky Boarzerkers work exceptionally well as a team. They use a special type of mushroom to enter their Berserker Rage, and very few enemies (and some allies), have lived to speak of them.

Ein Patreon-Monat kostet 10,00 USD + VAT.

Die Modelle der vergangenen Monate sind bei My Mini factory MMF erhältlich.

Link: Cobramode Patreon

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