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Bushido: Weitere Previews

GCT Studios präsentieren weitere Previews bald erscheinender Verstärkung für Bushido.

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Lets take a look at another new model from our next wave. Check back later today for a second reveal!
Mina was born in a small fishing village on the coast below the Rokan mountains, where she loved to swim and play in the sea. She swam gracefully, even managing to use the force of the waves to propel her toward the beach at great speed, and by doing this, she could perform incredible stunts and crowd-pleasing acrobatics. The locals called her a ‚water dancer.‘ Her life was one of sand, sea, and surf; she felt balanced and harmonious and sought to learn more about these feelings and her place in the universe. That is why she went to the Temple of Ro-Kan, to learn more about the wonders of the world and the force that binds it all together. She has been given instruction and teaching, and because of her affinity with the ocean,she can summon sea water to aid in her and others‘ defence. Her powers are inextricably linked with the tides‘ pull and the moon’s stages.

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Time for our second reveal of the weekend! The question now is, how many more models from this wave are yet to be revealed?
The Moon Lions are well known for their stealth and their savagery, and it is because they share these traits with the members of the Bleeding Moon that they have incorporated these animals into their ever-broadening arsenal. These creatures live in the immediate surrounds of the Bleeding Moon’s hidden stronghold, where they are known to eat the unwary, unwanted, and uninitiated. Occasionally the Bleeding Moon finds a cub that can be trained and taken with them. Sadly the Moon Lions are notorious for reverting to their instincts after only a handful of missions together before fleeing back into the wild. However, Neko proves to be different and has become one of the Bleeding Moon, showing no signs of wanting to return to his natural habitat, quite the contrary, he seems more at home within their ranks than most initiates!

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The penultimate reveal from our next wave is upon us. Kokkio has previously been shown off by our friends at Getting Tabled and their review can be found here, https://youtu.be/hd7Xl17kFHE
While only a new ashigaru and just out of training, Kokkio significantly influences the Takashi’s tactics. He has learned to use the more recent version of the Dragon Clan’s arquebus weapons. While undergoing training, Kokkio sought to use the movement – and distance- of the banners that lined the training area to significant effect. With each twist and turn of the flag in the wind, he could adjust his shots accordingly, becoming far more accurate and decidedly deadlier. He mentioned his technique to his Gunso, who has now incorporated a series of banners on the battlefield to help the gunline get the most out of their weapons and training.


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  • Wow.
    GCT hat es geschafft aus einem richtig coolen Artwork einen kackenden Löwen zu machen.
    Und Kokkio muss erst zum Gegner rennen um dem die Signal Flag vor die Füße zu stecken, rennt dann zurück und kann dann seine 18Zoll Reichweite nutzen um aus sicherer Entfernung zu ballern?
    British Humor i guess. 🤔

    • Ich denke, der wird die Flagge neben sich in den Boden stecken, um aus der Flatterbewegung Rückschlüsse für den Schuss zu ziehen.

      Bei Kollege Notdurft bin ich aber bei Dir.

    • Eine darfst du ja zu Spielbeginn irgendwo innerhalb deiner Spielfeldhälfte platzieren. Damit kannst du meistens ein Missionsziel bereits locker abdecken. Mit Reload (2) und bei dem Spielfeld wirst du dich nicht so lange dem Gegner entziehen können. Aber die 2-3 Schüsse pro Spiel mit +4 auf den DMG-Roll haben das Potential jeweils eine gegnerische Mini einfach mal rauszunehmen.

  • Den Löwen würde ich gerne bemalt sehen…der Sculpt alleine überzeugt mich jetzt auch nicht sooo sehr.
    Und warum kommt nichts für den einzig wahren Kaiser und seine Unterstützer😥?

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