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Bushido: Weitere Previews

GCT Studios zeigen zwei weitere neue Miniaturen für Bushido welche bald im Handel erscheinen werden.

Bushido Satou 01 Bushido Satou 02 Bushido Satou 03 Bushido Satou 04

“Say nothing, hear everything” is a motto often ascribed to the Satou clan, otherwise known as the Hare clan. Throughout the Empire and the isles, the hare is often seen as a ‘trickster’ creature, full of mischief and surprise, and the Satou are no different from the animal they chose as a visual representation. The Satou clan are staunch allies of the Takashi clan and have been since they set foot in Jwar. While they are similar in martial prowess to the Takashi, there is one area of warfare where they succeed better than most, and that is in creating unusual weapons and tactics. Satou Togai is merely another warrior chosen to test their latest creation in the fiery crucible of battle.
Clad in a heavy, flame-resistant suit or armour, Satou Togai wields an unorthodox weapon that is an unholy combination of steel and chain that gives it a range most opponents will underestimate much to their peril. Perhaps this is a small scale version of something grander to come?

Bushido Jinichi 01 Bushido Jinichi 02 Bushido Jinichi 03 Bushido Jinichi 04

Jinichi is a valuable member of The North Star who adds a slightly different approach to what they do. He has perfected fighting with a strange weapon that is a unique combination of blade and chain, and the whirring sound it makes as he spins it is often the last thing his enemies hear before they die. Because of its reach, it can quickly get between a samurai and his sword, thus breaching his defence leaving him open to attack. The blades are designed to cut and tear the flesh from his enemies bones, while the chain can immobilise the arms or legs of the unwary. Jinichi is no stranger to the poison stores of his night-clad clan, and he incorporates this into his fighting style by anointing his blades with deadly toxins. Jinichi is a lethal killing machine with a penchant for tactics and terror.

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  • Bin am überlegen wie ich Jinichi umbauen könnte damit er so aussieht wie auf dem Artwork. Hat wer nen Tip wie ich die Bola so rotierend hinkriegen könnte?

    • Jein.
      Man kann eine Themed Warband zusammenstellen ( beim Hersteller auch als Bundle kaufen ), aber noch gibt es da für Ninjas keine Theme Cards die Boni und Sonderregeln geben würden.
      Bei anderen Fraktionen gibt es die schon. Als Beispiel kann man bei Syndicate das Theme „Yokozunas Revenge“ spielen.
      Die Warband besteht dann nur aus Butos (die schweren Jungs), dafür bekommt man aber einige zusätzliche Sonderregeln und kann sogar einen Buto aus einer anderen Fraktion mit reinpacken (Lua vom den Jung Pirates).

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