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Bushido: Satzuko & Botan

GCT Studios zeigen kommende Neuheiten für Bushido auf Facebook.

Bushido Satzuko 01 Bushido Satzuko 02 Bushido Satzuko 03 Bushido Satzuko 04

Satzuko specialises in the ancient art of massage and ki-manipulation, a role traditionally given to men, who use their strength to knead the stress and tensions from a client’s body. Satzuko however is equally skilled and more than capable ensuring Ki flows correctly.
In game her training will enable Satzuko to meditate for additional Ki, keep your models free from Markers and give them extra activations. However, due to her low Melee pool, she will need to be protected to do what she does best.

Bushido Botan 01 Bushido Botan 02 Bushido Botan 03 Bushido Botan 04

Fire is seen as the great purifier, destroying everything in its path. Some among the Temple of Ro-Kan seek to master that same path, which is often fraught with
disaster. Botan has managed to merge his corporeal form – his flesh – with that which sets humans on the same standing as the gods, fire. He twists and turns, destroying all those that would wreak havoc on the poor, the downtrodden, and the defenceless. He spins like one of those flame-devils rumoured to guard the deserts to the North of the Empire. His heart and fists burn with fury as he whirls from foe to foe delivering justice, retribution, and finally, purification.
Botan is well-suited to form part of your Temple Warband as he offers excellent mobility with his ‘Cloudwalk’ power. He is also a respectable combat model who use his flames to finish off those he doesn’t stop with his fists.

Quelle: GCT Studios auf Facebook


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