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Bushido: Neuheiten

Nachschub für Bushido von GCT Studios, darunter der neue Kinshi-Tempel.

Bushido Kinshi Prev01Bushido Kinshi Prev04 Bushido Kinshi Prev05 Bushido Kinshi Prev06 Bushido Kinshi Prev07

The Void – Themed Warband – 58,00 GBP

The Void is the antithesis of those from the Temple of Ro-Kan, the direct opposite in every way, shape and form. If Ro-Kan is light, then the Void is its shadow; it is the night to their day, and the most obvious observation is the Yin to their Yang. Unlike the monks of the Ro-Kan, they have no Ki. None. Life and time generate Ki; the Void monks seek to destroy it. The Void aims to return everything to a glorious state of nothing, darkness, silence, and Void. What the Temple of Ro-Kan builds, the Void monks seek to eradicate.

One of the unique mechanics we developed for this faction is the Void Rifts. These are “Special Terrain” that can be placed in several ways to allow teleporting around the table. But when these Rifts open, because they come from the Void, the earth cracks open and retreats, not wanting to be in contact with them, and in some cases, columns of rock rise from the ground and push the monks away from the sacred earth.  It shows how the land reviles these abominations who give themselves to the Void. The most significant difference when taking The Void to the battlefield in Bushido is that they all have a zero for their maximum Ki stat.  None of them can have any Ki tokens, ever. (A few ronin and Kami can be included with the Void monks, but none of the new models has ki themselves.) The Void box includes a Communal Card, like the Bakemono Horde card, with all the rules needed to play using their new resource mechanic. Rather than accumulating Ki, specific actions will add Void Counters to the communal card. As the counters accumulate, new abilities are unlocked for the warband, including Feats, Boosts, Teleporting, destruction of terrain and accelerating the Void Counter gains.

Blister contains 7 miniatures supplied with 30mm bases and 20 full colour cards.

Bushido Kinshi Prev02 Master Shi Profile Card Back Master Shi Profile Card Front

Master Shi – 8,95 GBP

The Master of the Void Monks, a force of entropy and corruption, a son of the Black Sun and Destroyer of Worlds.

The death of time.                     The death of light.                               The death of existence.                                                 Eternal night. The circle turns. The suns dim. Erase the living. A chorus sings.

Master Shi has Melee Pool 4 and (For only the second time in Bushido) Ranged Pool 4 with a Ranged Attack.  And what a Ranged Attack it is! Combo combined with Ki Block and a +1 Strength is very frustrating, to say the least.  They also have Ki Block in melee, and with Combo Attack, they can also put out very decent damage while interfering with an enemy model’s Ki generation.  This means you can attack more heavily as the enemy models simply can’t pay for their abilities to hurt you back, or indeed defend themselves.

Blister contains one miniature, 30mm base and full colour profile card.

GCT Studios Bushido Hiroto Drunken Master Preview Hiroto Store Profile

Hiroto, Drunken Master – 8,95 GBP

Hiroto has returned to the Jwar Isles, but he is in no fit state to either raise hope in those scattered forces of the Shiho who still harbour loyalties nor incite fear in those that took all that was precious from his family.

Blister contains one miniature, 30mm base and full colour profile card.

Note: this product comes with a plastic base. You may purchase resin receptacles upgrades with optional magnets here.

Note: This model is a general release alternative sculpt to the exclusive released during the Risen Sun pre-release period.

Bushido Kinziko Prev01 Bushido Kinziko Prev02 Bushido Kinziko Prev03 Bushido Kinziko Prev04 Bushido Kinziko Prev05

Kinzoku – 8,95 GBP

While he has not yet progressed to making weapons, Kinzoku is considered a master armour smith. The Armor Smiths most often accompany the Minimoto Army to war as they both maintain the army’s gear, but they also choose the worthy unblessed to gift with a new suit of armour, allowing them to truly become Ashigaru.

The Bless Ki Feat allows you to reinforce an unblessed model where it is needed mid-game, and Irokane Protection is invaluable for Samurai and Ashigaru alike when your opponent has those Pierce weapons that counter your armour.
However, it is the Empower Ki Feat that opens up a whole new way to play the faction, and combined with Leadership and the unique courage effect, running many unblessed models is very viable. It also opens options for other models, such as the Shugenja and unarmoured bears.

Blister contains one miniature, 30mm base, full colour profile card and 1 special card.

GCT Nagato 01 GCT Nagato 04 GCT Nagato 03 GCT Nagato 02

Nagato – 10,95 GBP

Upon joining the house, Nagato began to learn the twin Hook Swords. These weapons, more than most, require intense training. Students spend 16 hours every day with the weapon and must still attend to other duties and see off any Worms looking for promotion. Nagato set their determination and struggled through hours and days of rote learning creating muscle memory until she was pronounced ready.

The training has given them not only an unsurpassed ability with the weapons but also an inexhaustible stamina, able to keep at the most strenuous of activities.
Nagato brings a lot to KKZ players. With Tireless as an option and split attack, they can really even out any disparity in activations. They can remove multiple enemy activations and preserve their own for use at the end of the turn. This profile offers many options for melee and combining the ability to force an opponent to lose a weapon, gaining the Chain Weapon trait, cheaper melee boosts, and possible Combo Attack; you have everything you need, regardless of the opponent. Even though Nagato has only Melee 3, their Kata trait makes up for this. All those hours of practice have granted one of Bushido’s premier combat traits, and any ninja warband would love to use it. On top of this, Nagato allows you to play the Bleeding Moon house alone with a new Theme card and Special Card options.

Blister contains one miniature supplied with a 30mm base, full colour profile card, 1 theme card and 4 special cards.

Fuwa Kaidan CoY Promo Copy 2 Fuwa Kaidan Front Copy Fuwa Kaidan Back Copy Fuwu Kaiden Tsuridourou Back Copy

Fuwa Kaidan – 12,95 GBP

The Ghost of Fuwa is a tale older than the Empire’s rulership of the Jwar Isles. In the story, the spirit appears and causes suffering and sorrow in Fuwa until a lowly monk tries to banish it, learning it was wronged in life and must be appeased. Its ghostly hands escape the lantern looking for flesh to squeeze and choke, such a spirit is an obvious draw for the cult of Yurei. How much of the story is true, we cannot guess, as it comes to us from the Ito clan, allies of duplicity.

On the table, Fuwa Kaidan has many ways to disrupt enemy plans and help your models. Blind is another state to add to your arsenal, and with no Opposed Ki required, it can be easily applied. Ire is a very powerful ability but does require the spirit to get very close. She has little or no defence if they can get past her illusions, so she can be removed by your opponent. This does not suffice, however, as she can return as long as her Tsuridourou is still in play. During playtest, we had great fun tuning her survivability to make her disruption frustrating to the opponent but not too hard to remove if you dedicate resources to it.

Blister contains two miniatures, 30mm bases, full colour profile card and 1 terrain card.

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