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Bushido: Neue Previews

GCT Studios zeigen weitere Previews zur nächsten Release-Welle für Bushido.

Bushido Kinziko Prev01 Bushido Kinziko Prev02 Bushido Kinziko Prev03 Bushido Kinziko Prev04 Bushido Kinziko Prev05

The next model to be released from our upcoming wave is ready to reinforce the army of the Minimoto clan.
While he has not yet progressed to making weapons, Kinzoku is considered a master armour smith. The Armour Smiths most often accompany the Minimoto Army to war as they both maintain the army’s gear, but they also choose the worthy unblessed to gift with a new suit of armour, allowing them to truly become Ashigaru.

Bushido Kinshi Prev01 Bushido Kinshi Prev02 Bushido Kinshi Prev03 Bushido Kinshi Prev04 Bushido Kinshi Prev05 Bushido Kinshi Prev06 Bushido Kinshi Prev07

The next release from the upcoming wave will be the general release of The Void Themed Warband along with Master Shi. The “final” model from the Kinshi Temple, Kodai will be available for general release at a future date.
The Void is the antithesis of those from the Temple of Ro-Kan, the direct opposite in every way, shape and form. If Ro-Kan is light, then the Void is its shadow; it is the night to their day, and the most obvious observation is the Yin to their Yang. Unlike the monks of the Ro-Kan, they have no Ki. None. Life and time generate Ki; the Void monks seek to destroy it. The Void aims to return everything to a glorious state of nothing, darkness, silence, and Void. What the Temple of Ro-Kan builds, the Void monks seek to eradicate.

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