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Bushido: Neue Previews

GCT Studios zeigen Previews einiger kommender Neuheiten für Bushido.

GCT Bushido Akoshi 01 GCT Bushido Akoshi 02 GCT Bushido Akoshi 03 GCT Bushido Akoshi 04

As mentioned earlier today the next wave of Bushido releases will be available for preorder very soon. As such it is only right that we show you the models to be released!
The shugenja of the Cult of Yurei believe that the Gashadokuro have nothing of their old lives left in them, simply vessels for twisted kami. Animated only by the will of the spirit, none of the body should make a difference. Those cultists who raise the dead have not noticed Akoshi’s ability to work with other fighting men, dead or alive or the technique he uses with his yari.

GCT Bushido Itsube 01 GCT Bushido Itsube 02 GCT Bushido Itsube 03 GCT Bushido Itsube 04

The legendary founder of the Haiatake Guard, Itsubo was lost thousands of years ago and the Tengu mourned him. The Koroko have proclaimed he is reincarnated in this new life, for the Tengu are never gone for long. Ancient and unchanging they watch the world from the high places. Itsube now must live up to the reputation she does not feel she has earned. She does her best and has proven a worthy bushi but she always doubts her own abilities, fearing they will fall short of her heroic past life.

GCT Bushido Haruto 01 GCT Bushido Haruto 02 GCT Bushido Haruto 03 GCT Bushido Haruto 04

Haruto is a rarity among the Ito. He is genuinely liked by most of the family and none of them feel the need to make plans to stab him in the back for their own advancement. Perhaps the reason is that Haruto seems driven mostly to do his lordly duty as a Samurai and is not really a part of the clan’s incessant infighting? It is just possible however that Haruto plays the clan game so well that none of his peers have realised the schemes and plots he is involved in.

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