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Bad Squiddo: Tree Pen Kickstarter

Ist es ein Stift? Ist es ein Baum? Nein, es ist Tree Pen! Ein Stift und ein Baum.

BadSquiddo TreePenKS 01

World renowned for our figures and accessories in tabletop wargaming, roleplay and small scale dioramas, we’re trying out something a bit different!

It’s fun, something we all need more of, all the time but especially now. It’s also practical, who HASN’T found themselves muttering „Can’t find a blooming pen in this blooming house“? Well NOT ANY MORE.

Treepen is available by itself as well as with a sturdy base, making it effortless to prop up in your gaming space, bookshelf, desk and well, wherever you need a Treepen in life.

BadSquiddo TreePenKS 02

This fella is cast by the highest quality casting house in the UK and available in grey or brown body as well as a host of coloured inks. They can be easily replaced so this pen is with you for life. He comes with an optional base and can be used straight from the packet or painted to whatever style you wish. He is painted just like you would any other resin miniature. Remember this is not a toy and not suitable for those who would chew on it.

Ein Stift kostet 12 GBP, mit Base 18 GBP. Darüber hinaus existieren Pledges für gleich mehrere Tree Pens (inklusive Base) ein einem Paket.

Der Kickstarter ist bereits finanziert und endet am 15.Mai.

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  • wenn man sowieso schon an Platzmangel leidet und einen Stift und Gelände kombinieren muss, sollte man sich ein anderes Hobby aussuchen 🙂

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