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Bad Squiddo Games: Josephine Baker

Bad Squiddo Games haben eine Neuheit im Shop.

Bad Squiddo JB

Josephine Baker: French Resistance

An absolute delight, Josephine’s story brought many smiles to my face when I was researching. Her life was a fascinating mix of arts and theatre, figuring out who and what she was, working for the French Resistance in WW2, patriotism, love, and civil rights.

She is the first of our Women of WW2: France range, yes that means more will be coming! American born, Josephine found a strong home in France and fiercely fought for it against the fascists, though also returned to the USA, the country that had rejected her, to fight another battle against racism.

Recognising the privilege her fame had brought her, she worked viciously to improve the lives of black people in America, even being the speaker right before Martin Luther King Jr at the famous March on Washington.
Ad nobody danced the Charleston like her.
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