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Anvil Digital Forge: Mutant Horrors

Diesen Monaten sind die Mutanten bei Anvil Digital Forge unterwegs.

ADF Mutant Horrors 1

Everything You Get – October’s Mutant Horrors

Hello Patrons,

For October, we’re giving you the parts to build your very own mutant horde! A gruesome collection of malformed horrors with enough modular components to make hundreds of unique monstrosities!

ADF Mutant Horrors 2 ADF Mutant Horrors 3

If a teaming host of close-combat nightmares is what you desire, then you’re spoilt for choice with our mutant melee options; 16 uniquely twisted melee arms split among both our male and female joints, and are also fully compatible with any of our previous torsos!

And if guns are more your style for your infantry, then there are 7 different pairs of arms, and 6 uniquely ragged rifles and shotguns, to help your wretched warriors bring some ranged firepower to the field. These are ‚Pistol-Grip‘ compatible with any similar weapons or arm sets too!

ADF Mutant Horrors 4

Fully modular Mutant parts allow for nearly unlimited customisation within this set, or any other previous month’s content!

ADF Mutant Horrors 5

Heads & Torsos – A cavalcade of tentacles, pustules, calcified dermal tissue, spikes, necrotised skin, and flesh rent by bizarre tubing.

ADF Mutant Horrors 6

Arms & Guns – the potential combinations swell, with over 2 dozen different arm options and 6 distinct rifles and shotguns

ADF Mutant Horrors 7 ADF Mutant Horrors 8

Legs – tattered rags only partially conceal their corrupt and twisted forms

ADF Mutant Horrors 9

As well as the modular infantry, we also have some larger monsters!

Nightmarish Centaurs bring speed and animalistic ferocity to your mutant horde!

ADF Mutant Horrors 10

There are two bodies (The tongues on the triple horned centaur are shells) plus 4 left arm and 4 right arm options!

ADF Mutant Horrors 11 ADF Mutant Horrors 12

Towering over their lesser cousins, these monstrously sized mutants can carry massive weapons to carve their foes apart in melee, or bring a withering hail of gunfire at range.

ADF Mutant Horrors 13 ADF Mutant Horrors 14 ADF Mutant Horrors 15

These are the largest single piece models we’ve ever done. They are pre-hollowed with a selection of head and weapon options.

ADF Mutant Horrors 16 ADF Mutant Horrors 17

Finally to make some specialists – we have a mono-pose character model with a choice of two left arms, and a male mutant flame thrower torso!

ADF Mutant Horrors 18 ADF Mutant Horrors 19 ADF Mutant Horrors 20

Here are all the separate components you get!

ADF Mutant Horrors 21

Thank you for your support!

– Anvil Digital Forge

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