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Anvil Digital Forge: Autonomous Drone Builder

Diesen Monat gibt es autonome Drohnen zum digitalen selber zusammenbauen beim Patreon von Anvil Industry.

Get over 300,000 miniatures with Septembers Autonomous Drone Builder!

AI Autonomous Drone Builder 1

The Autonomous Drone Builder is our reward for Patrons in September.

Over Three Hundred Thousand Miniatures, just in case you thought the title was an error.

For your $10 you get a Blender builder which will allow you, with just a few clicks, to design and export a vast number of different Drones/Robots/Droids/UAV’s for a huge range of tactical requirements in different game systems.

Blender is free CAD software, and no special skills are required to learn to use our Builder file – We will be providing simple written and video instructions.

AI Autonomous Drone Builder 14 AI Autonomous Drone Builder 15 AI Autonomous Drone Builder 16 AI Autonomous Drone Builder 17

There are 45 components in total:

  • 5 Top Sections
  • 4 Front Sections
  • 4 Power Plants
  • 9 Side Locomotion Options
  • 5 Front Accessories
  • 10 turrets with single and double mount options
  • 4 Weapons – Phase Cannon, Autocannon, Gatling Blaster and Missile Launcher.
  • 4 sensor devices
  • Various additional options within the Builder File.

Please note that turrets and weapons are supplied as separate .STL files. The  elements which make up the drone body are only included in the .Blend file. We will supply a small number of example Drone Bodies as .STL files but to obtain full value from the download, Blender is required.

You can use any combination of body components and weapons, or build a Drone without weapons if you prefer!

AI Autonomous Drone Builder 2

First a note about scale

Below is an example Drone at 100% size with a regular regiments miniature (32mm tall).

The Drone in this configuration is 30mm wide, 38mm long (excluding the Tow Cable), and 17mm tall to the top of the hull (27mm to the very top of the turret).

AI Autonomous Drone Builder 3


The detail level and Pre-Supports are designed to work well at a range of scale adjustments. This gives you many more options for units you can proxy with the Drone Builder.

We have done test prints at various scales and are happy to recommend that the kit will work nicely anywhere from from 80% to 120%.

Below you can see a figure with the same Drone at 80% (which will fit on a 32mm base),100% and 120%.

Now for the components!

There are 51 component parts in total, allowing over 300,000 unique drones to be created.

The Drone Body Builder .Blender File contains the first 32 options, which we have labelled here with the same names the Builder file uses.

Simple user-friendly instructions for using the .Blend file will be provided in both written and video format – no prior knowledge of Blender is needed.

The remaining 19 options are turrets, weapons and sensors, which are supplied as separate Pre-Supported STL files.

AI Autonomous Drone Builder 4


1. Industrial Stub Nose,  2. Plain Curved,  3. Flat Plate, 4. Industrial Rounded.

AI Autonomous Drone Builder 5

Top Plate 

5. Industrial Turret Ring, 6. Industrial Flat, 7. Storage Components, 8. Modern Flat, 9. Modern Turret Ring

AI Autonomous Drone Builder 6

Power Plant

10. Modern Fusion, 11. I.C.E Cable Drum, 12. I.C.E Dual Exhaust, 13. Fuel Cell

Optional Extras: 14. Rear Train Connection, 15. Rear Tow Hook.

AI Autonomous Drone Builder 7

Optional Front Attachments

16. Train Hook – Industrial Stub Front Only, 17. Train Hook -Standard Fitting, 18. Tow Cable Drum, 19. Pincer Arms, 20. Bull Bar, 21. Triangle Ram Bar, 22. Dozer Blade.

AI Autonomous Drone Builder 8

Side Options

23. Modern Cage with Steel Hub Wheels, 24 and 25. Industrial Wheel Mount with 4-spoke and 7-spoke wheels. You can use any of the three wheels with either wheel mount option.

26. Track Unit Exposed, 27. Track Unit Armoured.


28. Mag Lev Pods, 29. Spider Legs, 30. Drone Fans

(Orange elements are poseable in Blender)

AI Autonomous Drone Builder 9 AI Autonomous Drone Builder 10

Optional Bottom Plate Inserts 

An option to complete flying models or mount a sensor/weapon on the bottom (use with the Bottom Plate Option in Blender).

31. Bottom Plate (Flying Stand Mount Hole), 32. Bottom Plate with Turret Hole.

AI Autonomous Drone Builder 11

Sensor Options for Turrets

33. Omni-Sensor, 34. High Tech Pod, 35. Radar, 36. Low Tech Sensor Pod.

AI Autonomous Drone Builder 12

Turret Options

37. Pivot Arm – Modern Double Sided, 38. Pivot Arm – Rivets Double Sided, 39. Mini Turret Module, 40. Large Turret – Welded Plates, 41. Compact Turret Single Sided, 42. Pivot Arm – Modern Single Sided, 43. Pivot Arm – Rivets Single Sided, 44. Compact Turret Double Sided, 45. Large Turret – Modern Optics, 46. Compact Regiments Heavy Weapon Mount.

AI Autonomous Drone Builder 13

Weapon Options For Turrets

47. Autocannon, 48. Phase Cannon, 49. Missile Launcher, 50. Gatling Blaster, 51. Regiments Heavy Grenade Launcher (Compatible only with the Regiments Heavy Weapon Mount).

Look out for the Download link and full instructions coming very soon!


Team Anvil

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  • Absolut genial modulares Konzept, leider habe ich überhaupt keinen Bedarf daran.
    Wüsste ich damit was anzufangen, würde ich das sofort anschaffen!

    • Schon aber es sind Multishells man muss sich da noch Blender installieren damit man das volle potenzial nutzen kann.

      Aber da lernt man schnell (also den teil den man hierfür braucht) und dann ja ist das ziemlich cool

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