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Anvil Digital Forge: August Patreon

Anvil Industy haben im August wieder ein STL-Paket für Patreonunterstützer zusammengestellt.

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Dear Patrons,

August is already here, and we’ve got something amazing for you this month!

We decided to take 2 of the character miniatures we (and many of you) found so appealing last month and really dive deep into making them fully modular infantry.

We’re proud to present the Corporate Security Forces!

For only $10 you get everything seen below:
We’ve got a set that really focuses on bringing you an elite selection of exceptionally well armed and well armoured infantrymen and women.

Above: Our CorpSec infantry are primarily armed with a high-tech shotgun, using our Rifle-Stock style weapons joint, and sporting some very heavy armour too.

Below: If the double handed grip isn’t your style, then the good news is that there are some CQB variants that pair up fantastically well with the imposing riot shields!
And if there’s still some resistance to your iron-handed rule, then the grenade launcher might be just what you need to break any ramshackle blockade you come across.And who could forget about your rapid response team? With two bike chassis and three different fronts to mix and match between, you have a plethora of bike options, and the best part is that they’re still compatible with the other arms and armaments you might wish to equip them with from the rest of the set

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