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Zealot Miniatures: Neuer Mimic

Ist es ein Bücherregal…? Argh… Nein, doch nicht. Lauft! Zealot Miniatures lassen einen neuen Mimic auf unvorsichtige Abenteurer los.

Zealot BookcaseMimic

„Quick, search his bookcase! The Darkwind Spellbook must be in there.“ Fae’Il nodded to Grukan and hopped over the unconscious necromancer to rummage among the books. She pulled them out in a rush, dropping them unceremoniously to the floor.
„It’s not here, damnit!“ she hissed.
„Keep looking. More guards will be here soon.“ grunted Grukan as he hefted his axe and turned to watch the door.
„It’s not… hey… what … why is…“
„Yea? You find it?!“
„No… But why is this book all squelchy and slimy?…“
Another one of our Mimics is ready to unleash on your unsuspecting adventurers. Sculpted again by the super Andrey Loktionov, the base bookcase by John Warner.
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