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Warsurge: Regel & App Update

Warsurge, ein  universelles und herstellerunabhängiges app-gestütztes Wargame, bekommt ein Update für Regeln und App.

Warsurge App 111

Warsurge – Regel- & App-Update 1.1.1

A new WARSURGE update is now live. Both the app and rulebooks have received an update, a new narrative game and print friendly versions of the rules are available on the website. If your app hasn’t updated yet, you can do so manually through your device’s app store.

Notes for eBooks v1.1.1:

  • The Rulebooks have been updated to v1.1.1
  • Perk book has description updates as made to the WARSURGE App
  • Quick Reference now has Perk Activation definitions
  • Print Friendly versions of all eBooks are now available
  • New Narrative Mission ‘Boss Rush #1’ now available
  • Minor fixes and corrections

Notes for App v1.1.1:

  • Journal feature added
  • Spread Perk description update
  • Plague Description update
  • Pacifist Perk Description update
  • Beam II description update
  • Grapple description update
  • Blast I, II and III description update
  • Wane description update
  • Diminish description update
  • Summon description update
  • Berserk description update
  • Psychotic description update
  • Immortal description update
  • Fall Back description update
  • Terrify description update
  • Dread description update
  • Despair (Roster Perk) description update
  • New Perks added: Impregnable (Unit Defensive), Enclosed (Unit Aeonian), Teleport (Unit Ability)
  • Minor adjustments to other Perks
  • Exposed and Crew are no longer compatible in companion app


Link: Warsurge Homepage


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