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Warhammer 40.000: Space Marine 2 Ankündigung

Das Videospiel Space Marine bekommt einen Nachfolger, der mit einem Rendertrailer angekündigt wird und es gibt auch ein paar Informationen vom Entwickler.

Space Marine 2 Lands With a Bang in an Awe-inspiring Trailer

Yes. You read that right, Space Marine is back. Revealed at the Game Awards with a thundering trailer pitting the might of the Adeptus Astartes against the monstrous threat of the Tyranids. Don’t take our word for it, watch it right now:
When you’ve scooped your brains back in, you’ll be happy to know there will be more information coming exclusively to the Warhammer Community site later today, including interviews with key creatives.
Games Workshop Space Marine 2 Lands With A Bang In An Awe Inspiring Trailer 1 Games Workshop Space Marine 2 Lands With A Bang In An Awe Inspiring Trailer 2

On top of this, FatShark had a separate surprise in store for fans of Vermintide 2. Everyone’s favourite cantankerous Witch Hunter, Victor Saltzpyre, is getting a new career – as a Warrior Priest clad in full plate and wielding a blessed warhammer. By Sigmar!

Check out the trailer right here:

Space Marine 2 Trailer Breakdown – The Game’s Creators Discuss its Epic Reveal

hat’s right, Space Marine, the fan-favourite video game which had you booting, chopping, and blasting Orks to pieces as Captain Titus of the Ultramarines, is getting a sequel. 

This awe-inspiring trailer was revealed at the Game Awards, leaving everyone gobsmacked as Titus dispatched a Tyranid Warrior with brutal efficiency.

Now we’ve got Oliver Hollis-Leick, the Creative Director at Saber Interactive, and Dessil Basmadjian, the Creative Director at Focus Entertainment, to apply that same level of finesse to dissecting the trailer scene by scene.

Oliver: We know how important Space Marine is to so many of you out there, so we needed to make sure the sequel lived up to expectations. We’re proud of the resulting trailer, so we wanted to share some insight into it. If you haven’t watched the trailer yet, we suggest doing so before reading on!

The story we’re telling centres on Titus, but it was very important for us to place our hero in an authentic Warhammer 40,000 setting.

We wanted to portray the way a mortal would perceive a Space Marine: a towering Angel of Death, sent down from the heavens by the will of the Emperor. A Space Marine is a warrior of the highest order, a demigod-like figure with almost superhuman powers. There are legends of lone Astartes being sent to turn the tide of war on a planet where the Astra Militarium were facing defeat.

To feel the awe that accompanies an Adeptus Astartes, we must look through human eyes. As the Space Marines walk across the courtyard, the Guardsmen kneel before them. “His angels” are the only words the vox operator can find to describe his emotions.

In the trailer, an Imperial hive world is overrun by Tyranids. Colossal towers, each containing millions or billions of human lives, peak out above the clouds, and each of these towers is overrun with Tyranids whose sole purpose is to reduce all organic matter on the planet to a liquid that will be sucked up by vast, living ships waiting in orbit.

Games Workshop Space Marine 2 Trailer Breakdown – The Game’s Creators Discuss Its Epic Reveal 1

Holding back the enemy are the Cadians, the forces of the Astra Militarum. These men and women are faced with overwhelming numbers, but on the brink of defeat, their prayers are answered.

Carrying our heroes into battle are three Thunderhawk Gunships. The Space Marines are shown with a variety of weaponry, including chainswords, bolt rifles, and bolt pistols.

Games Workshop Space Marine 2 Trailer Breakdown – The Game’s Creators Discuss Its Epic Reveal 2

When duelling the Tyranid Warrior, Titus is unfazed and takes it out with unparalleled skill. We also get to see three Space Marines working together, communicating wordlessly as they clear the Tyranid-infested courtyard.

Although I’ve shared a lot about the details in the trailer, there’s a ton of stuff that we’ll leave to all of you to figure out…

Dessil has more on the direction of the trailer.

Dessil: One of the most exciting aspects of the Space Marine franchise is that it gives players an opportunity to experience the Warhammer 40,000 universe directly from the battlefield, making it one of the most immersive portrayals of this vast setting.

Games Workshop Space Marine 2 Trailer Breakdown – The Game’s Creators Discuss Its Epic Reveal 3

To achieve this modern movie feel, we simulated long lenses, shallow depth of field, and colour grading, accentuating the realism of the scene. The directors Stéphane Montel and Raoul Barbet, alongside the rest of the Capsule Studio team, did a fantastic job of interpreting the 40k world in a mature, grounded way.

Games Workshop Space Marine 2 Trailer Breakdown – The Game’s Creators Discuss Its Epic Reveal 4

It was key for us to build up tension for the arrival of the Space Marines on the battlefield, emphasising their mythical status and the shift in power that their presence brings.

To build that tension we show their inexorable approach, first as dots in space, then ships in the sky. Finally, we see an armoured fist, and that’s when even the Tyranids stop fighting to look upwards. Then the Astartes drop from their ship, their armoured boots fracturing the courtyard.

Games Workshop Space Marine 2 Trailer Breakdown – The Game’s Creators Discuss Its Epic Reveal 5

The Imperial Guard react the way a regular person would upon seeing the Ultramarines: silently staring in awe. The vast majority of humans in the Imperium live their whole life without seeing one, let alone in combat.

We wanted fans of the franchise to wonder throughout the trailer if this was a new IP or the sequel that they’ve been craving for 10 years now. For perceptive viewers, however, we included subtle hints at who was under the helmet.

Three notes from Titus’ theme from the original Space Marine swell to the surface, then fade during parts of the trailer. We’re delighted to have composer Nima Fakhrara working on Space Marine 2, who reinterpreted Titus’ theme for this new era.

Games Workshop Space Marine 2 Trailer Breakdown – The Game’s Creators Discuss Its Epic Reveal 6

He’s aged, and he looks more determined than ever. Is he still a Captain? What about those chains on his right arm? We look forward to hearing everyone’s theories!

Thanks to both Oliver and Dessil!

Why Space Marine 2 is “More Epic Than its Predecessor in Every Way”

The Ultramarine is out of the bag – Space Marine 2 is coming soon, and it looks awesome. In this sequel to one of the best Warhammer video games of all time, developed by Saber Interactive and published by Focus Entertainment, you will once again pick up your bolter and chainsword as Titus, clobbering all who stand in your way.* To find out more, we spoke to two developers from Saber, Andrey and Aleksandra, about what it’s like to develop a sequel to such an iconic game and what we can expect to see…

Games Workshop Why Space Marine 2 Is “More Epic Than Its Predecessor In Every Way” 1

Warhammer Community: Welcome, Andrey! Tell us a bit about your role on the Space Marine 2 team?

Andrey: I’m a gameplay programmer and the lead of our combat team. We’re responsible for the implementation of melee combat, shooting mechanics, and basically everything related to killing hordes of Tyranids.

WarCom: Were you a big fan of Warhammer when you started on the project?

Andrey: Before starting on the project I actually didn’t know much about the universe… I’d played Dawn of War** a while back and that’s probably it. But I quickly became a fan. One day I was looking for something to read and decided to try the Horus Heresy series. And now… well, I’m 34 books deep. It’s quite the rabbit hole.

Games Workshop Why Space Marine 2 Is “More Epic Than Its Predecessor In Every Way” 2

WarCom: What do you think makes Warhammer 40,000 so appealing?

Andrey: For me, it’s one of the deepest and most expansive universes out there. Of course, it’s also very, very dark. One of my favourite things in the books is how detailed the characters all are and how you can follow the development of their lives over the years.

WarCom: What would you say is the biggest way Space Marine 2 improves on the first game?

Andrey: As a member of a combat team I’d say it’s the combat system… But overall, it’s actually the scale of everything. Space Marine 2 is much more epic than its predecessor in every single way.

WarCom: What do you think made the first game so beloved?

Andrey: It’s the power fantasy of being a Space Marine. Clomping around in massive armour, stomping evil, and being a one-man army. The first game got that right and we’re staying true to that in Space Marine 2 as well.

WarCom: How do you go about capturing the immense power of the Adeptus Astartes in-game?

Andrey: We want to give the player the feeling that they’re a big unstoppable death-dispensing warrior. All the combat systems, animations, and enemy behaviours are created with that clear purpose in mind. The feel when playing is essential. It’s about weight, momentum, and impact.

Games Workshop Why Space Marine 2 Is “More Epic Than Its Predecessor In Every Way” 3

WarCom: Thanks, Andrey! Art producer Aleksandra now joins us as a long-time Warhammer fan. Aleksandra, what’s your role in the development of Space Marine 2?

Aleksandra: I’m responsible for the art production of all assets in the game, and I work with Games Workshop to make sure that every game asset we make is authentic and of the highest quality possible.

WarCom: What’s your favourite faction from the 41st Millennium, and why?

Aleksandra: I love Adepta Sororitas because they’re an all-female faction and very loyal (I’m on the loyalist side too). I’ve chosen the Order of the Bloody Rose because I like their paint scheme and I love their merciless style of battle.

Games Workshop Why Space Marine 2 Is “More Epic Than Its Predecessor In Every Way” 4

WarCom: What is it like working on something you do in your free time?

Aleksandra: It helps a lot. You get a deeper understanding of what you’re doing and why. And for me, it’s been fascinating to see the figures I paint as a hobby come to life in the game.

WarCom: As an art producer, what has been the main challenge of working on Space Marine 2?

Aleksandra: The hardest part is to keep everything faithful to the lore and miniatures while making everything realistic at the same time. Miniatures have quite exaggerated shapes to make them stand out on the table. We couldn’t retrace the forms, so we needed to change them just a little while still staying true to the Warhammer IP.

Games Workshop Why Space Marine 2 Is “More Epic Than Its Predecessor In Every Way” 5

WarCom: What’s it been like to work on bringing Warhammer 40,000 to life in Space Marine 2?

Aleksandra: Filling the project with the Warhammer spirit was really inspiring. This is the biggest project I’ve worked on, and bringing my beloved universe to life is a dream come true.

Thank you for your time, Aleksandra! Space Marine 2will be released on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. It’s still in development.

* Of whom there are rather a lot.

** Another stone-cold classic Warhammer 40,000 video game.

Quelle: Games Workshop


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  • Sehr schön.
    Terraner gegen Zergs 🙂

    Ich frag mich ja immer wer in der öffentlichen Wahrnehmung präsenter ist. Vermutlich glaubt die Masse eher das sei von StarCraft inspiriert als andersherum, oder?

    • Ist das bei den Tyraniden so falsch? Die heutigen Designs der Tyraniden sehen schon viel mehr nach Zerg aus, als damals die Zerg nach Tyraniden zum dem Release von SC1.

    • Ich finde die Zerg sogar besser designed.. Noch stören vor allem die Tyraniden mit Pistolen, Schwertern usw… Leider war ich zu spät für das Starship Troopers Tabletop Spiel sonst hätte ich mir aus denen Tyras gebaut..

  • Schon ein sehr gut gemachter Trailer. Ich hätte ehrlich gesagt gar nicht mehr mit einem Space Marine II gerechnet.

    Wie man ja sieht, sind seit dem ersten Spiel viele Jahre vergangen. Titus hat mittlerweile den Rubicon Primaris überschritten und wurde (wahrscheinlich auf Grund der Ereignisse am Ende des ersten Teils) zum Lieutenant degradiert. Das Spiel ist damit irgendwann während des oder schon nach dem Indomitus Kreuzzug angesiedelt, denn ansonsten würden wie ja keine Primaris Marines sehen.

    Ich bin jedenfalls schon sehr gespannt. Space Marine ist unter den 40k Spielen ja ein echter Geheimtipp und ist gefühlt gerade in den letzten Jahren wieder mehr ins Gedächtnis der 40k Spieler gerückt.

  • Was habe ich den ersten Teil gesuchtet😃🤟 Das es jetzt nach so vielen Jahren weitergeht freut mich.⚔️⚔️⚔️

  • Hab den ersten Teil extrem gemocht, das war mein Einstieg ins Hobby mit 40k.

    Zwar weiß ich mittlerweile das 90% der GW Systeme Müll sind, aber Space Marine 2 werd ich mit definitiv geben.

    Saber hat auch ganz solide Spiele veröffentlicht die machen da was gutes draus!

  • Das hätte ich nie zu hoffen gewagt. . . Wie oft habe ich mir eine Vortsetzung gewünscht und dann sieht der Trailer auch noch so endgeil aus. Hab meiner Frau direkt gesagt, das wir bis zum erscheinen eine XBOX Series X brauchen. War ihr völligst verständlich.
    Hab also die Richtige geheiratet. . .

  • Nach der Necromunda Verarsche bin ich sehr vorsichtig geworden was Focus als Publisher angeht. Die waren vorher schon bekannt dafür, dass sie Releases gegen den Willen der Studios durchdrücken und Spiele sehr fehlerhaft auf den Markt bringen. Bei Necromunda haben sie dann noch schnell zwei DLC`s nach dem Release nachgeschoben um etwas Geld abzugreifen, während dessen so getan wurde, als würden sie an den massiven Problemen des Spiels arbeiten. Aber nach einem späten Hotfix der die Probleme nicht behoben hat und nachdem das schnelle Geld abgegriffen war, wurde das Spiel wie eine heiße Kartoffel fallen gelassen – da ist gesunde Skepsis wohl leider angebracht.

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