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Wargames Atlantic: Neue Previews

Von Wargames Atlantic kommen mehrere neue Previews.

WA Conquistadors 1

The tooling for the Conquistador sprues AND the Aztec sprue has finished! We have some higher resolution photos of the Conquistador sprues A and B below. You will get 4 of each of these in the box.

WA Conquistadors 2 WA Conquistadors 3 WA Conquistadors 4 WA Conquistadors 5

„Space Brits“ Prepare for Tea Time

Our „Space British“ (name TBA) have moved to layout for tooling and Matthew Leahy has started in on the test models. Like our other Death Fields sets this will include 24 figures with a variety of standard rifles, assault rifles, heavy guns, plasma, grenade launchers, and more. Four hat/helmet types and gasmask options will give you the ability to customize your units. No release date yet but early 2022 for certain.

WA Space Brits 1

Artwork by Mark Stacey

WA Space Brits 2

Painted test models by Matthew Leahy

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