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Victrix: 12mm Neuheit und Previews

Victrix zeigen auf Facebbok weitere Previews zu ihrer WW2-Reihe in 12mm und eine Neuheit, den Sexton.

Victrix 12mmWW2 Prev01 Victrix 12mmWW2 Prev02 Victrix 12mmWW2 Prev03 Victrix 12mmWW2 Prev04 Victrix 12mmWW2 Prev05 Victrix 12mmWW2 Prev06

12mm WWII round up
Here are some renders of the 6 pdr deployed with all the crew and some ammo crates and spent shells. This shows how dynamic you can make your gun bases.
We also have some renders of the Loyd carrier. This also has a covered top option and all the crew are optional. The guys in the back sitting on some ammo crates could easily be used to sit on a tank, truck or halftrack.
Here we also have the first sketches and renders of the 12mm German Fallschrimjager. The Set will include a good mix of weapons including the FG 42, MP40, STG 44 etc.. plus heavy weapons and command
Finally, the Sexton is now available to order.

Quelle: Victrix Limited auf Facebook


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