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Vanguard Miniatures: Neuheiten

Vanguard Miniatures haben zwei neue Raumschiffe in ihrem Shop.

Vanguard Miniatures Neuheiten 01 Vanguard Miniatures Neuheiten 03 Vanguard Miniatures Neuheiten 02

Nova Elites Fleet – Panthera II Pattern Heavy Frigate

The Panthera class Heavy Frigate is the workhorse of the Novan Elite fleets. Heavily armed and armoured, its various weapon configurations allow it to fulfil many different void combat roles.
No matter its broadside configuration, the Panthera’s basic armament includes two triple linked dorsal mounted turrets and two pairs of prow torpedo tubes. Its broadsides allow for different types of weapon systems which can be changed whilst in dock due to it’s modular design.

Most commonly used are weapons batteries, more than capable of tearing huge chunks out of enemy vessels many times its own size. Another popular configuration for the Panthera is to fit it with launch bays, allowing the heavy frigate to carry Javelin fighters. In order to protect other ships of the fleet from waves of ordnance and enemy fighters the Panthera is sometimes also configured with broadside turret platforms capable of projecting a withering volume of defensive fire.

set contents:

1 x Panthera hull
1 x Wing set (forward and aft)
2 x Triple turret broadsides
2 x Launch bay broadsides
2 x Gun deck broadsides

2 x Triple dorsal turrets

Model is 52mm long.

Preis: 6.25 GBP

Vanguard Miniatures Neuheiten 04 Vanguard Miniatures Neuheiten 06 Vanguard Miniatures Neuheiten 05

Novan Elites Fleet – Pardus Pattern Assault Frigate

The Pardus pattern assault frigate was a developed born of a need for a heavy hitting escort fitted with multiple plasma accelerators. The design is based on a modified Panthera hull which sacrifices its broadsides and torpedo capability in order to house the power core and systems necessary to feed three massive plasma accelerator cannon. Capable of firing all three cannon simultaneously in a devastating salvo that has been the doom of many an enemy vessel these ships are a extremely valuable asset for any Elites fleets.

They are often deployed in squadrons of two to four ships operating in line-breaker formations or as capital ship hunters of some renown.

Set contains:

1 x Pardus hull

1 x wings set (forward and aft)

2 x triple barrel dorsal  turrets

Preis: 5.83 GBP


Quelle: Vanguard Miniatures

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