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Vanguard Miniatures: Neues Gunship

Vanguard Miniatures haben ein neues Gunship im Shop.

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Cybershadow – G-2100 Heavy Gunship – 13,33 GBP

The Cybershadow Technocracy has a great many aircraft in service, everything from light utility run arounds and dedicated aerospace fighters to heavy landers and dropships. The G-2100 heavy gunship serves the  Technocracies ground forces in a close air support roll. Two large VTOL rotatable thruster engines allow the aircraft to hover on station much like a conventional helicopter as well as providing the massive thrust required to speed such a heavy craft about the battlefield. The ventral fuselage has many anti-grav plates installed which provide additional lift and stability.

Heavy armour and three shield emitters provide the craft with a strong defensive suite, this coupled with modular weapons hard points make for an effective combination of speed, defence and firepower.

Observed weapons fits have included, conventional heavy machine guns, rotary cannon, medium and heavy energy weapons, missile pods and guided bombs to name a few.

Set contains:

1 x Heavy gunship hull

1 x VTOL thrusters sprue

1 x Tail fins sprue

2 x Weapons sprues


  1. Full resin cast kit
  2. Model approximate dimensions, length 90mms (not including nose turret weapon), width 50mms including thrusters, height 20mms
  3. Games Workshop model show for scale purposes only (without permission)

Quelle: Vanguard Miniatures


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  • Ich hatte mir nach einer Anleitung bei Dakkadakka damals einen Stormraven für 40k aus einem Hunter Killer (Terminator Spielzeugmodell) und Drop-Pod-Teilen gebaut.
    Das Modell hier sieht ziemlich ähnlich aus.

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