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TTCombat: Previews auf Dropfleet und Gelände

TTCombat geben einen Ausblick auf kommende Neuheiten mit einem Dreadnought der Resistance für Dropfleet Commander und einem Gebäude aus der City Streets Geländereihe.

Teaser Tuesday – Dropfleet & City Streets!

Hey Folks,  it’s time for another Teaser Tuesday, this week you can expect to see an expansion to our City Streets range, a brand new Dropfleet Commander unit.

The biggest, most modular ship we’ve ever made is coming to the store for pre-order this Friday!

Resistance Coloniser Dreadnought

TTCombat Teaser Tuesday – Dropfleet, City Streets & Sprays! 1

This right here is the Resistance Coloniser Dreadnought. The kit itself is able to be made into three different ships: the Pathfinder, Explorer and the Coloniser (See above). All three ships are incredibly modular allowing you to build the perfect ship to add to your fleet. They range in size from being a small battlecruiser or a monstrous Dreadnought. This ship will be available to Pre-Order on Friday!

We’ll be stopping in later in the week to learn more about how you can build your Dreadnought, and what exactly it does in the game!

City Streets

TTCombat Teaser Tuesday – Dropfleet, City Streets & Sprays! 2

Here we have the very impressive Lincoln High-Rise. It is a fantastic kit for a City Streets table top. It bolsters some impressive features such as 4 removable floors as well as a removable roof. Allowing for easy access to different levels of the building. If you want the kit to be a certain height to better fit your board, you can add or remove floors and the kit will still work perfectly.

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