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TTCombat: Neue Rumbleslam Preview

TTCombat zeigen ein neues Team für Rumbleslam. Mit Dino-Power.

Triassic Teaser Tuesday

We’re heading back, back, aaaaall the way back in time for today’s Teaser Tuesday!

Welcome back to RUMBLESLAM! If you’re new: this is the game of fantasy wrestling! We have orcs, trolls, dwarfs, elves, and even a happy cactus.

And – as of this Friday – a whole bunch of new dinosaurs!

You may have seen this team already at UK Games Expo, and they’re heading out for pre-order this week. Introducing…

The Triassic 5

Triassic 5 Group Background

The Forest Soul is getting their turn for an expansion box, and Cold Bloods players are going to be overjoyed with this new set (after they’ve spent a while lounging in the sun to get enough energy that is).

The Triassic 5 set has five new wrestlers, and is a bit weird because it’s all big one and small ones, no mediums!

Gekko Firebreather Background

The Gekko Firebreather is small but does exactly what it says: it breathes fire! This little hellion can put out a lot more damage than its size suggests, breathing fire in a straight line, hitting multiple wrestlers (so make sure to get your own ones out of the way).

Pterodacrobat Background

Next up is a Pterodacrobat (try saying that 5 times fast). This flying boi is good at just one thing: turnbuckle attacks. But considering he’s got wings and a rather fetching leotard, you can tell he’s very good at that! Able to fly half way across the ring, he even slashes anyone unfortunate enough to get in the way before he lands!

Axolotl Cutie Background

Probably the most adorable miniature in the world (gauntlet thrown), the Axolotl Cutie is seriously just the cutest. Look at those eyes! You couldn’t possibly punch something that cute in his stupid, squishy face, could you? You could? Well get ready to suffer the consequences as you’ll feel so bad you won’t want to do much afterwards!

Stubby Dunker Background

Now onto the heavy-weights, and we’re starting with Stubby Dunker. This massive beast of a wrestler is certainly wide enough to be a WEIGHT 3, even if they’re not very tall! Stubby Dunker is possibly the toughest wrestler in the game, and is so wide that rope attacks hit multiple enemies that are collided with!

T Flex Background

Finally – the Queen of the Cold Bloods herself – the T-Flex. This is one wrestler you don’t want to grapple with! Well… to be honest, with such small arms, grappling isn’t going to be a problem. But she has razor-sharp teeth and can throw people around with her powerful bite! If there’s ever a rookie who is almost ready for Superstar status, it’s T-Flex.

And what would a RUMBLESLAM release be without a new Superstar? Well, you’re getting one of those too… but we’re keeping him a secret until Friday! What do you think he is? Answers in the comments! We’ll be back on Friday to give you the full low-down on this amazing new expansion for The Forest Soul!

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