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TTCombat: Neue Geländesets

TTCombat haben einige neue Geländesets im Angebot wie sie auch im London Great Tournament zum Eindatz kommen.

Tournament Terrain – New Releases

As things start to reopen, the tournament scene is building up steam. We are back to doing what we do best and creating tournament ready scenery for this years biggest competition, the London Grand Tournament!!

LondonGT Jan21 LogoBanner1ns

Same as last year we have been working alongside LGT to produce the bespoke tournament scenery. The updated official sets are now available to get in some practice before the big day, or just as a one stop shop for a complete new board.

Sci-Fi Gothic: Municipium Sector Board Bundle

LGT Full Board Bundle No Time Cover

Working closely with the event organisers we create this kit specifically for organised play and the rules of the games at the London Grand Tournament.

This set provides large, medium, small and tiny sets of cover (both line of sight blocking and open).

This complete board bundle comes in at £80 and is everything you need to prepare yourself for the London Grand Tournament or host your own competitive games set in the far future.

Sci-Fi Gothic: Municipium Sector Half Bundle

LGT Half Board Bundle No Time Cover

This kit is half the size of the full bundle. Its ideal if you’ve got other terrain and need something to fill up the rest of the board or are looking for something for a smaller tournament or even just a game with your club.

Even by itself, this kit could works well for smaller skirmish games, easily providing enough ruins for a 2x3ft table.

The half kit is on sale for £45.

Sci-Fi Gothic: Municipium Sector Medium Corner Ruins

LGT Ruins No Time Cover

This smaller set is effectively the “upgrade pack”. If you already own the 2019 LGT board then this will provide you with the remaining parts you need to create a full board.

That doesn’t mean that this kit won’t work by itself. Coming with two in a pack plus four smaller ruins, they can be used together to create a larger ruined building footprint or seperate for individual corners.

This kit is available for £16.

LGT Sector Full Board Mat Shot 2 NEW

Here you can see everything assembled. The 2021 London Grand Tournament board ready to go. Displayed on a 4x4ft mat, you get more than enough scenery for a game and it will even stretch to a 6x4ft gaming board.

All of our LGT scenery kits, new and old, are available here.

If you’ve got any of our painted models or scenery and would like us to show them off, email you photos to info@ttcombat.com

TTCombat Produkte werden in Deutschland über den Verlag Martin Ellermeier vertrieben.

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